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Fight fans are going to be glued to their TV on May 4th for Canelo vs Jacobs. Canelo Alvarez comes into this match, his first of 2019, with a record of 51-1-2 and 35 KOs. Fighting to defend his title, the opponent Daniel Jacobs, has a 35-2 record with 29 KOs. While it’s anyone’s match, if Canelo wins, he will add the IBF belt to the collection of belts he currently has. If you want to watch the fight, you’re going to need to do it online. DAZN is a streaming service that’s great for boxing and MMA fans. So, if you want to watch Canelo vs Jacobs live stream, keep reading!

This guide offers everything you need to know if you want to watch Canelo vs Jacobs online without cable. There’s only one service you need and as this is where you can watch all of Canelo’s upcoming fights, it’s worth a consideration if you’re a fan! After you check out the details, you’ll be ready to sign up and stream DAZN in minutes!


How to Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Without Cable: At a Glance

All of Canelo’s fights are set to air exclusively on DAZN. As DAZN is a streaming service, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription to watch what’s on. It doesn’t matter if you have cable or not. Anyone can subscribe to DAZN to watch Fight Nights and other combat sports. Here is more on DAZN and how you can watch Canelo vs Jacobs without cable.

DAZN is your only option if you want to watch Canelo vs Jacobs online. Live streaming is possible on a variety of streaming devices, from Apple TV to Xbox One. Prices start at $20 a month, but if you sign up for the annual subscription you can pay just $100 for the entire year — that’s about the price of one PPV for a full year worth of great fights and sports content! DAZN will offer over 100 Fight Nights annually. Not only do they offer live stream fights, there is an on-demand library filled with previously aired events. In other words, if you miss Canelo vs Jacobs live, you’ll be able to stream it on demand any time you want starting sometime the next day when it’s uploaded to the library. While DAZN may be new in the United States, it’s worth considering if you’re an MMA or boxing fan.

Using Streaming Services to Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Without Cable

You’re here because you’ve cut the cord or you’re thinking about it. If that’s the case, you probably already know the basics of streaming and how there are many similarities to cable. While the essential parts of the services are the same, the differences are what cause people to continue to dump their cable company in favor of a streaming service. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the key differences between streaming and cable.

Take it and Go – Cable requires an installation with a cable box. This is fine, but the service generally runs to one TV. For every connected TV, you need another box. You might have access to an app for mobile viewing, but these are often limited. Streaming doesn’t use a cable box. You purchase your own streaming devices. These devices are generally low-cost, though it varies based on the one you choose. You can use devices you hook to your TV – gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast or you can use mobile devices. You can even use your computer as a streaming device, if you want. Most devices are small and portable.

You can’t take cable to your friend’s house to watch the game on their TV. With streaming services, you can do that and more. You just take your device with you, sign in at their house and you’ll be watching the game in no time! It’s also worth pointing out that when you buy a streaming device, it’s yours. When you sign up for cable, you rent your box. Likewise, if you have cable and have four boxes, you often pay for four box rentals. This is a huge chunk of money that has nothing to do with the actual cost of your cable package.

Save Your Money – Even if cable and streaming are similar, the pricing structure is certainly different. Cable signs you up for promotional pricing for a set amount of time. This means that you’ll get a decent price to start, but you’ll end up paying more in the future. Most people pay over $100 a month for cable. Part of the problem is that you have to pay an extra fee for all your cable boxes or satellite rentals. You also have tax, some services charge a DVR upgrade fee, and then there are any extra fees for upgrades or movie channels. Streaming might charge you extra for movie channels and tax is charged, but you pay one tax, not multiple, and there aren’t any equipment fees. The plans are also a lot cheaper. In fact, even though cable is often over $100, you can get a streaming service with most of the same channels for $45 on average.

Variety – With cable you pick a package and while you might add movie channels, those are usually the only options you have for upgrades. With streaming services, most services give you the chance for a wide variety of channel upgrades. You can also upgrade space on your cloud-DVR or add to the number of devices you can stream on at one time. You also get the chance to separate your account with user profiles. This allows everyone in the family to set their own preferences and have access to their own DVR.


  • Streaming saves you money. When comparing the average prices of both streaming and cable, streaming users can save as much as $50 or more per month and still get a similar package
  • Commitment is up to you – Streaming services are contract-free
  • Watch when and where you want using streaming devices instead of being stuck to your TV and your cable box

Now let’s find out how you can watch Canelo vs Jacobs without cable!


Watch Canelo vs Jacobs without Cable using DAZN

DAZN, pronounced “Da Zone”, is a sports streaming service. While it’s been around internationally in Germany and other countries, it hit U.S. markets more recently. Currently, the service offers lots of boxing and MMA action with plans to diversify in the near future. Streaming is possible on most devices, so you’ll have plenty of ways to watch each fight. Plans start at $19.99 a month, but the real deal comes with annual pricing. Pay just $100 per year, which gives you several months free in comparison to the monthly price. The annual plan is about the same price as a typical major boxing PPV, but you’re getting a full year of live fights, on-demand content, and more.

More details about DAZN:

  • Watch Matchroom USA, Bellator, and Golden Boy Promotions live
  • DAZN is the exclusive home for a variety of fighters including Canelo Alvarez
  • An on-demand library is filled with previous fights
  • Plans start at $19.99 per month
  • The annual pricing saves you plenty of money (pay $100 annually)
  • Stream on Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PS4, smart TVs, Xbox One, and more
  • No contract!
  • Enjoy over 100 Fight Nights per year

Perhaps the only real downside to DAZN is that there is no longer a free trial associated with this streaming service. Still, with no contracts, you can cancel any time if you find you don’t like it. While the monthly fee is a bit steep for standalone sports streaming, if you’re a big boxing or MMA fan, the annual price makes it a steal. You won’t have any PPV fights to sign up for here, but over 100 fight nights are included with the cost of your membership.

Our DAZN review can tell you more.


Wrapping Up

DAZN is the only way to watch Canelo vs Jacobs online without cable. As a sports streaming service, DAZN isn’t the only way to watch sports without cable but it is the only way to watch this fight. While DAZN mainly supports MMA and Boxing, more sports will be offered in the future and the exclusive events certainly make it a service worth checking out. Click here to try DAZN today.

Do you still have questions about how to watch Canelo vs Jacobs without cable? If you do, we’re always here to help. You just need to let us know!