VIZIO Co-Star Review

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VIZIO Co-Star & VIZIO Internet Apps

Turn your HDTV into the Ultimate Smart TV

The VIZIO Co-Star packs the power of Google TV into an intuitive interface. With a sleek and elegant design, the VIZIO Co-Star is a small box that packs a great deal of options for the serious television viewer who is sick of paying for Cable or Dish TV. VIZIO Co-Star’s innovative features enhance your HDTV with Google Play apps, chrome web browsing, and the best in streaming entertainment services.

The VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player With Google retails for $99.99 (Amazon Pricing).

  • TV and streaming entertainment combined
  • Universal remote with keyboard and touchpad
  • Google TV – TV, Web, Games, Apps
  • Web browser with HTML 5 and Flash Player
  • Built-in Wifi for seamless internet access
  • Full HD 1080p and 3D support

VIZIO Co-Star Specs

VIZIO makes it possible for consumers to get more from their viewing experience through providing VIZIO Internet Apps, web browsing and video entertainment that is streamed straight to their television sets. This TV box for Google features an Armada 1500 processor that packs 1.2GHz and is centered around a powerful Marvell ARM dual-core. – Allowing for 1080p & 3D video playback. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built into the unit, and it offers an ample amount of storage at 4GB. For Optimal performance you want to have at least 35 Mbps Internet download speed, and you want to be hard wired into the box (likewise with all video streaming devices). Connecting through Wi-Fi can cause unpredictable dips in signal strength – which in turn will affect your video viewing experience. Additionally all major downloads should be done through a wired connection to ensure speedy execution.

Remote Control: The Visio Co-Star allows the consumer to easily get away from cable and puts the power in their hands with a two-sided remote. Some features of this mouse and keyboard remote include a trackpad and an IR blaster built-in that allow for nimble navigation of the world of technology and entertainment. Dedicated buttons for such popular apps like Netflix, Amazon and M-Go, as well as a prominent V button in the middle designed to bring up the tray of the included apps, makes this remote sleek, powerful and intuitive.With its groundbreaking universal touchpad remote and access to thousands of apps through Google play, Co-Star is as smart as they come. For the times when the remote is not nearby, downloading the free Google TV remote control app gives you full control of your Co-Star from your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet.

VIZIO Internet AppsIntegrated USB connects to hard drives or other storage devices to access more of your favorite movies, music and pictures. It also lets you connect keyboards and other peripherals to make browsing and searching even easier. Set-up is a snap with the Co-Star. Use the HDMI ports to connect the unit either directly to the television. The set-up wizard takes the user through on-screen commands, so the ultimate in entertainment experience can get started right away.

VIZIO Co-Star Review

VIZIO Internet Apps

Thousands of VIZIO Internet apps / Google TV Apps are available for the VIZIO Co-Star, making it possible for the viewer to fully customize their experience. Stream movies and hit shows through Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Instant Video and more. Play popular console video games through OnLive, or listen to your favorite music from iHeartRadio and Pandora. Use the robust Google Chrome browser to seamlessly browse all the Internet has to offer right from the couch. The easy-to-use interface keeps favorite apps at the forefront making it possible to chat, listen, play and watch on the convenience of a television screen. Settings on the current app can easily be edited without needing to exit it first.

Vizio Internet Apps

 Who Makes VIZIO?

VIZIO is a privately held producer of consumer electronics, based in Irvine, California. VIZIO’s major partner in the consumer electronics arena is AmTran Technology, a Taiwan-based OEM/ODM manufacture.

VIZIO Co-Star Review –

See what the critics are saying:

  • CNET: “makes the most” of Google TV Ad “a price that gives you a reason to care”
  • PC World:  “the least-expensive piece of Google TV hardware yet”
  • GIZMODO: “snazzy” remote offers Google TV at “half the price”
  • Engadget: “replace a game console” for broadband-enabled households

6 replies on “VIZIO Co-Star Review”

I am not very acquainted with Google TV but after watching on YouTube, my doubts to get Vizio Co-star was laid to rest. I don’t have cable only an outdoor antenna still it gives me HD reception the ideal device for me.

I think it’s about time to retire my old Roku box, vizio offers web browsing, google TV in full HD, this is more than what I have with my old box.

Being able to browse the web is a pretty nice feature. Not only can you google and reply to email, but you can also find new video content not offered through the apps available on your TV or video streaming device.

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