Upgrading your TV with the Samsung Evolution Kit

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Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution KitSamsung Evolution Kit

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution Kit

Protecting your TV Investment

Smart TV‘s are becoming the norm, and many Cordcutters out there are opting to buy smart TV’s because of the amazing access to web content they provide. But what could be worse than spending a fortune on a big item like a TV, only to find out that a few months later a newer model with much cooler features is released? Well Samsung is working hard to solve this problem. You can now get those groundbreaking new features, and even better performance, without having to buy an entire new TV. The unique Evolution Kit from Samsung can make this possible.

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution Kit ($300  Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution Kit$135) is an add-on module that grafts on the special port given on the back of high-end Samsung smart TVs. This 2013 kit turns Samsung 2012 TVs into 2013 models –  in terms of Smart TV features. This kit replaces the dual-core processor with a quad-core processor and provides an enhanced look and feel, improved voice control, and many other amazing tweaks. The kit also includes a new remote control.

How to Install the Samsung Evolution Kit

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution Kit is very easy to install. Follow the “Quick Setup” printed guide which includes everything from the installation steps to updating the TV’s firmware. The Evolution Kit delivers a few hardware improvements, such as an extension of the TV’s internal memory from 785MB to 1.11GB, which provides you with an extra storage for apps and future updates.

Evolution kit also upgrades your 2012 Smart Hub, so you can enjoy progressive innovations such as S Recommendation. With S Recommendation, your TV will recommend you movies and TV shows based on your viewing preferences. The 2013 Smart Hub Panel UI updates your system to deliver a richer content in a more user-friendly format. Samsung’s current 2013 Smart Hub interface replaces the scroll-bar menu with a five-panel interface that permits easier and faster discovery of  content such as On TV, Apps, Social, Movies & TV Shows and Photos, Videos & Music.

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Evolution KitEvolution Kit is an interesting concept to provide peace of mind for TV owners who are worried about their TV becoming outdated. If you have a 2012 ES9000 or ES8000 or ES7000 Series LED, or 2012 E8000 Series Plasma TV, you can upgrade them to 2013 Smart TV with this great tool.

Samsung really deserves credit for going through with such a cool idea. And if I were in the market for a Smart TV, I would definitely keep this in mind.

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I think it’s great that Samsung is catering to its customers in a way many other tv companies are not. It’s easy to make a new model and entice their customers to spend a large amount of money all over again. This Evolution Kit is such an honest contribution to the consumers, not trying to trick them into buying something they don’t need.

Absolutely. Well said. I am a big Samsung fan… and actually was before i wrote this article. After writing this, I am a Huge fan. They just keep making the right moves across the board.

Hi Chris – thanks for reaching out. And nice work on canceling cable 😉 !
Now what you need to do is look at two main sources of free content: Internet and Over the Air Broadcasts. To take a look at all the content available for free online visit our Online TV Channels Page:

Next you need to find out if an Antenna will work in your area. To learn more about OTA free broadcasts read some of the articles posted here:

Finally, take a look at some of the paid content options. Primarily you have Hulu and Netflix. To learn more about the different Video Streaming options available read the articles on this page:

Chris – I hope this helps. Please check back in with me and let us know what other questions you have.

Hi I have the samsung ES8000 40inch just cancelled SKY, I have not bought the Evolution Kit as yet. I really at this point in time want to save the SKY monthly fee.
what I can't get my head around due to all this new tech is I want to access all the freeview channels both HD and SD what do I need? and what do I need to do?

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