Survey: 54% of Netflix Subscribers Share Their Account with People Outside Their Homes

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It’s not really condoned by streaming services yet it’s often allowed – password sharing. And it seems harmless enough to many. You pay for an account that allows for multiple streams. So why not share with a friend or family member? It doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

Maybe not. However, recently, Netflix raised its prices again, causing a bit of an outcry from subscribers online. And it got us to wondering – how many people are actually sharing their Netflix passwords? Is it enough to affect the bottom line? And would putting an end to password sharing allow Netflix to forego any more price hikes?

And furthermore, are the price hikes enough to get subscribers to cancel their accounts, or will they just grin and bear it?

To help gain a better understanding, we commissioned a survey of Netflix subscribers. Here’s a look at some interesting information we found.

Key Findings

Most People Share Their Passwords with Someone Outside Their Home

Subscribers are most likely to share their passwords with relatives outside their immediate family

While some streaming services such as fuboTV have taken steps to only allow subscribers to share within their home network, Netflix hasn’t done much to address the issue. During Netflix’s October 2019 Third-Quarter Earnings Interview, the company mentioned it would likely be doing something to pushback against password sharing, but nothing ever transpired from it. Here’s a closer look at the results.

Response Count Percent
Yes, a friend 178 17.7
Yes, my child that doesn’t live at home 92 9.2
Yes, a family member not in my immediate family 257 25.6
No 476 47.5

About a third of Netflix Subscribers May Cancel Due to Price Hikes

But most subscribers say they will not cancel after their price went up

People obviously aren’t happy with their price going up, but this isn’t the first time. Perhaps it’s do to this conditioning, or maybe the still relatively low price point in comparison to cable, but the majority of subscribers plan on sticking with Netflix post-price raise. A minority says they plan on scaling back their plan to a lesser tier. And 26% say they “may consider” canceling. However, only 6% gave a firm yes on cancellation.

Response Count Percent
Yes, I am definitely going to cancel soon 60 6.0
Maybe, I am considering canceling 258 25.7
I probably will downgrade to a lower subscription tier 138 13.8
No, I don’t plan on canceling 547 54.5

Price Going Up Is the Most Common Complaint Subscribers Have About the Service

But a lot of people are upset that Netflix is losing popular shows such as ‘The Office”

Not surprisingly, the biggest complaint subscribers have lines up with the most recent issue – price hikes. But it’s also interesting to note that subscribers are still worked up over the impending loss of The Office and similarly popular shows. Interestingly enough, the least common chosen answer to the question was Netflix’s original programming being canceled.

Response Count Percent
The price going up 367 36.6
Netflix original shows I like being canceled 170 16.9
Netflix losing popular shows I like, such as The Office 283 28.2
I don’t really have any complaints with my Netflix service 183 18.2


Data collection for this survey was performed by Mindnet Analytics.

Participant source: Amazon Mechanical Turk, only current paying Netflix subscribers fans. Sample size = 1,003. Responses collected 10/30/2020 – 11/2/2020.

Sample details: Only US participants. Only MTturk participants with a 95% or higher approval rating were permitted to take the survey. Participants were compensated at a rate at least equivalent to $15/hour. The fastest 2% of the original sample were excluded as they may have not been paying attention.

Confidence Level: 3% margin of error

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