How to Watch the New York Giants Game without Cable

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The New York Giants played their first season almost 100 years ago! They hold the distinction of being one of the first teams to join the NFL. In fact, they are the only one of those original teams that are still around today. As you can guess, a team that has been around this long has amassed quite a fan base. Of course, with nearly 30 players in the Hall of Fame and a string of championship wins, it’s no surprise that fans flock to the Giants and all that they offer. If you’re prepping for the upcoming season and you need a way to watch the New York Giants online, we can help!

This guide has all the details you need to start streaming the New York Giants online without cable. You’ll learn the channels you need, the services that offer them like fuboTV (free 7-day trial) and Hulu Live (free 7-day trial), and the details you need to sign up and get streaming!

What Channels Offer the New York Giants Live Stream?

If you’re in the New York area, you may be able to get CBS, NBC, and FOX with a digital antenna to air the New York Giants live stream. You can use a digital antenna to get the local channels that are available in your area. That said, streaming services also offer local channels in many areas. To get local channels with a streaming service, it just depends on where you live. You’ll also need ESPN and NFL Network, which are both available through streaming services nationwide.

How to Watch the New York Giants without Cable

The first step in watching the New York Giants live stream without cable is choosing a streaming service. We usually recommend fuboTV and Hulu Live because both of these services are great options for cable replacement and for sports streaming. You’ll get a variety of channels, offering something for almost everyone, at a fair price. Later in this guide, we will look at all of the other ways you can watch the New York Giants online.

Once you pick a service, you will connect your streaming device to the Internet, choose what you want to watch, and that’s it! Device selection will depend on your service but could include Apple TV, computers, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, or even your Xbox One.

Watch the New York Giants Streaming without Cable on fuboTV

fuboTV costs a few dollars more than Hulu Live, but they offer more channels. Here you start with 95+ channels with a wide selection of add-ons available. Other perks include an on-demand library, TV Everywhere apps, and a cloud-based DVR. While the service is actually $59.99 per month, the first month is available at $45. More fuboTV details:

fuboTV offers an easy way to get the New York Giants live stream. Not only that, but sports fans will find many other sports with dozens of sports channels included. You can watch TV live or on-demand. You can even save it to your personal DVR. If you’d like to try fuboTV, you can use the fuboTV free one week trial!

Watch the New York Giants Online via Hulu Live

Hulu with Live TV has over 60 channels in one package for $64.99 per month. Other perks of this package include all of Hulu’s on-demand content, TV Everywhere app access, and a cloud-DVR. You can even add movie channels for a small fee. Here’s more on Hulu Live:

  • $64.99/month
  • Hulu on-demand and 60+ live channels
  • Watch local channels in most cities and on-demand nationwide
  • Hulu with Live TV is contract-free
  • Hulu Live is free for a week
  • Watch on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, mobile devices, computers, and more
  • Visit our Hulu with Live TV review to learn more

Hulu with Live TV offers a lot of great things for a small price. Most people can afford this service and it will save you plenty of money when compared with most cable plans. If you miss something live, you can save it to your cloud-DVR, or you may be able to find it on-demand. Don’t forget, you can try Hulu Live during the Hulu Live free trial!

Other Options to Watch the New York Giants Online

Now that you know more about Hulu Live and fuboTV, let’s look at the other options that will allow you to watch the New York Giants online without cable. All of these options offer some or all of the channels you need. You can learn more through the reviews we’ve added or by trying the services for yourself!

Sling TV – $30 a month for 30+ channels or add more. You can watch ESPN without cable and access Monday Night Football streaming. Read our Sling TV review here.

YouTube TV – $64.99 a month for over 70 channels. Check out our YouTube TV review here.

CBS All Access – Stream CBS live and/or on-demand at $6/month. CBS All Access review offers more info.

NFL Game Pass – Stream the full NFL season from $99. NFL Game Pass review has all the details.

Amazon Prime – Subscribers are able to pick watch Thursday Night Football games (11 in total) that are simulcast from the FOX broadcast. This is included with Prime and available to current and new subscribers.

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That should answer your questions about the streaming process. Hopefully, you now have the details you need to enjoy all of your favorite shows without cable. Do you still have some questions on how to watch the New York Giants online without cable? If so, be sure to reach out!

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