How to Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder Online

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If you have plans to kick cable, now’s the time to do it. You can watch Thunder games online using a streaming service. All of the channels you need are available, so there’s no reason you need cable to watch your favorite sport.

This guide offers all the details you need to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder online without cable!

In a hurry? These three streaming services will let you sign up and watch the next Oklahoma Thunder game without cable:

  • DirecTV Stream: Get your streaming covered with this service (formerly AT&T TV), which includes Bally Sports Oklahoma and three other key channels to watch Thunder games. Try it with a 14-day money-back guarantee!
  • FuboTV: 100+ channels, including four out of five channels you need to watch the Thunders live. Try Fubo free for 7 days!
  • Hulu Live: Included in the 80+ channel line-up are ESPN, TNT, and ABC — these should have most of the season covered. Try Hulu free for 7 days!

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been in Oklahoma since 2008. Before that, they did time in Seattle, where they were formed, as the Seattle SuperSonics. Oklahoma City has embraced this team and as loyal fans, they support their team from the start to the finish, each season.

If you’re one of those fans, keep reading to learn more about how to stream Oklahoma City Thunder games online.

What Channels Offer the Oklahoma City Thunder without Cable?

NBA teams tend to air most of their games through regional sports channels.

While it will be possible to watch some games no matter where you live, you’re going to get the most coverage if the team is local. In the case of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the majority of games will air on Bally Sports Oklahoma — from the streaming services listed on this page, only DirecTV Stream offers this channel.

As for the handful of nationwide games, they will air on ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV.

How to Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder Online Without Cable

As long as you have a service that offers these channels you will be able to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder without cable. There are several streaming services available, which means you have more than a few ways to watch the NBA.

You shouldn’t have any problem watching the entire season including the NBA Playoffs! While we will go over every service that you can use to stream Thunder games online, we’re going to start with two recommended options – FuboTV and Hulu with Live TV.

FuboTV offers every channel you’ll need to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder online except for the local RSN. Hulu Live includes TNT, ESPN, and ABC — not NBA TV or Bally Sports Oklahoma. Other services will offer at least one of the channels you need, though most of the services offer more.

After you’ve picked your service and you’re ready to start streaming, you’ll need a streaming device. There are several options for streaming at home and on the go. You can use your laptop, computer, or even mobile devices like phones or tablets.

You can also connect to a TV with Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV. Even some gaming consoles work to help you watch many streaming services.

Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder Online with FuboTV

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FuboTV has 100+ channels in their main package. They offer the chance to add dozens of other channels if you want more. The main package price is $64.99 per month without upgrades.

Your package also includes TV Everywhere apps, which will allow you to watch games using FOX Sports Go and other apps.

More FuboTV details:

  • $64.99 per month
  • FuboTV is contract-free – you can cancel at any time
  • ESPN, TNT, and ABC in the base plan
  • NBA TV available with a higher-tier plan
  • 100+ channels in the main package with added channels available for a fee
  • Watch on Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, and more
  • A cloud-DVR is included
  • Find out more in our FuboTV review

FuboTV works for sports fans and for people that like general entertainment channels and primetime TV. You’ll be able to watch TV on your terms. You can choose between live or on-demand content.

You can save things to your cloud-DVR. You’ll even be able to watch on-the-go on either FuboTV or through TV Everywhere apps.

You can try the FuboTV free 7-day trial, today!

Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder Live Stream on Hulu Live

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Hulu with Live TV includes 80+ channels. NBA TV isn’t included, but it’s the only channel missing from the Thunder lineup. Hulu on-demand is also included, which adds tons of content at no additional cost to you.

If you want to save shows, you’ll have a cloud-DVR that offers 50-hours of space. More space comes in an upgrade.

Hulu Live highlights:

  • $64.99 per month
  • 80+ channels – Additional channels can be added for a fee
  • Hulu on-demand is included in this package
  • ESPN, TNT, and ABC included
  • Make up to 5 user profiles
  • Hulu with Live TV is a contract-free service
  • Watch on Fire TV, computers, Apple TV, Roku, iOS/Android, and more
  • Our Hulu with Live TV review has more to offer

Hulu Live is a popular service offering a robust package filled with live and on-demand content. You can make user profiles for the family. There is something here for just about everyone, from cartoons to sports, and everything in between. You can watch on Hulu or with TV Everywhere apps.

You can also save things to your cloud-DVR. It’s all included in one package for one price and it’s all cheaper than cable! You can try out Hulu Live today during the Hulu Live free 7-day trial.

Other Ways to Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder Online

While you’ve already heard some pretty great options, there are other services out there that you can use to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder without cable. The following services offer a free trial and at least one channel you’ll need for Thunder streaming. Here are your additional options:

  • DirecTV Stream – You’ll need the $84.99/month package to get FS Oklahoma and several other channels. Only ABC is missing. A limited cloud-DVR is included. Our DirecTV Stream review can tell you more.
  • Sling TV – Sling Orange starts at $35 per month. TNT and ESPN are included, and you can add NBA TV with the sports bundle. Read our Sling TV review, here.
  • YouTube TV – Watch some of the Oklahoma City Thunder season online from $64.99/month. Over 80 channels are included. Learn more in our YouTube TV review.

Does that answer your questions on how you can watch sports online without cable? If not, just let us know!


How can I stream Oklahoma City Thunder games?

If you live in the Bally Sports Oklahoma broadcast area, a subscription to DirecTV Stream ($84.99/mo) will grant you access to locally produced Thunder games. Conversely, those generally outside of this area can watch those same broadcasts through an NBA League Pass subscription ($28.99/mo). The blackout area for the Thunder covers all of Oklahoma and Kansas and parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

What channels are Oklahoma City Thunder games broadcast on?

Bally Sports Oklahoma broadcasts nearly all Thunder contests, including all 82 regular-season games in the 2021-22 season. Of that campaign, four Oklahoma City contests are being shown to a national audience, all of which are being broadcast on NBA TV. Any playoff games that the Thunder play will be on it or on ABC, ESPN, or TNT.

How can I listen to Oklahoma City Thunder radio broadcasts?

The Thunder Radio Network's flagship station is WWLS-The Sports Animal 98.1 FM while other stations throughout Oklahoma simulcast those broadcasts. Fans located within 75 miles of Oklahoma's capital city can also listen on either the Thunder's or WWLS' app while NBA League Pass Audio ($9.99/yr) streams those broadcasts online to subscribers worldwide. Fans in Oklahoma City who prefer Spanish-language commentary can listen to home games on WKY-La Indomable 930 AM.

Where did the Thunder play before they moved to Oklahoma City?

The Oklahoma City Thunder used to be the Seattle SuperSonics. They played in the Emerald City from their inaugural season of 1967-68 through to the 2007-08 campaign. Although fans in Seattle were heartbroken by the move, those welcoming them in Oklahoma City were excited about being the permanent home of a major professional sports franchise for the first time.

Have the Oklahoma City Thunder won an NBA championship?

Have the Oklahoma City Thunder won an NBA championship?

How can I watch the Oklahoma City Thunder on my mobile device?

DirecTV Stream and the NBA both offer apps that stream Oklahoma City Thunder broadcasts to subscribers who have the rights to access those games through their DirecTV Stream or NBA League Pass subscription. Also, DirecTV Stream and similar streaming services provide access to Thunder games being shown on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV.

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