How to Watch the Indiana Pacers Online without Cable

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The Indiana Pacers got their name based on their history with another sport. Named after pace cars as an homage to the Indy 500, the Pacers are a popular team with a loyal fan base. Over the years they have won multiple championships ranging from division titles to conference championships. If you’re willing to watch the Indiana Pacers online, you can ditch cable and save some money. Keep reading for more information!

It’s easy to watch the NBA without cable. From the pre-season to the NBA playoffs, you can find the channels you need to watch the teams you love. If you’re looking for a way to watch the Indiana Pacers live stream, you’ll find all the information you need, right here!

What Channels Offer the Indiana Pacers Online without Cable?

The main channel you’ll need to watch the Indiana Pacers streaming is FOX Sports Indiana. This regional sports channel will air a large majority of the games this season. There will be a few nationwide games available if you’re a fan that’s not living in Indiana. These channels include NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT.

How to Watch the Indiana Pacers Online without Cable

The key to streaming anything without cable is just making sure you have the channels you need to watch what you want. Streaming the Indiana Pacers is no different. While some regional sports networks can be hard to find, FOX Sports networks are available on many streaming services, so if you’re local to Indiana, you’ll have an easy way to stream most of the games. Additionally, all of the nationwide channels are also easily found. It’s not impossible to find a service offering all of the channels you need to watch the entire Pacers season. fuboTV and Hulu with Live TV are two good options if you want to watch sports. fuboTV offers all of the channels you need except for ESPN. This means you’ll miss a few games. If that doesn’t work for you, Hulu Live offers every channel but NBA TV. There are also other available services we’ll look at that will provide at least a partial season for your viewing entertainment!

Once you’ve picked a service, the hard work is done. Next up, it’s time to start streaming. You can use many different streaming devices to watch the Indiana Pacers online. Some popular options include:

  • Smart TVs
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Mobile Devices – phones, tablets, laptops
  • Streaming Boxes/Sticks – Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV

Once you connect to your device, it’s just a matter of turning to the Indiana Pacers live stream and enjoying the game!

Watch the Indiana Pacers Streaming Online with fuboTV

fuboTV gives you the majority of Pacers games without cable. The only channel you need that you won’t have is ESPN. This is almost ironic, since fuboTV is known for offering so many sports channels. Over 95 channels are included and that includes more than 30 sports channels. While ESPN is missing, you’ll find many other sports channels and tons of general entertainment. You can also watch games through FOX Sports Go and other TV Everywhere apps. fuboTV is available for $64.99 per month. More fuboTV details:

  • $64.99/month – Pay $45 in the first month
  • No contracts – cancel anytime
  • 95+ channels
  • Get FOX Sports Indiana, TNT, NBA TV, and more
  • Stream on Chromecast, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, and more
  • Watch more content on-demand or with TV Everywhere apps
  • Learn more in our fuboTV review

fuboTV is an inexpensive way to enjoy many of your favorite channels. Families will be able to stream on multiple devices, giving everyone the chance to watch what they want at the same time. If you’re forced to miss something, you can save it to your cloud-DVR. Best of all, you can stream at home or on the go from most popular streaming devices. Make sure to sign up for the fuboTV free weeklong trial to watch a free Pacers game and learn more!

Watch the Indiana Pacers Online on Hulu Live

Hulu with Live TV is another great option if you’re trying to replace cable. Like fuboTV, most of the channels you need to stream the Indiana Pacers season are available. The only thing you have missing is NBA TV. This means a couple of games will be missing, but most of the season will be available. You can stream live through Hulu or use TV Everywhere apps. A cloud-DVR is available with upgradeable space if you want to save games. You’ll even have access to Hulu’s classic on-demand service to watch even more content! Payments are currently $45, but the price is about to go up in December. More Hulu Live highlights:

  • Currently $45, but $64.99/month from mid-December
  • Over 60+ live channels
  • Everything with Hulu on-demand is included
  • The cloud-DVR is included with 50-hours of space
  • No contracts!
  • Stream on mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, computers, and more
  • Our Hulu with Live TV review has more info

Hulu Live offers something for the whole family. There is a diverse channel lineup and plenty to watch live or on-demand. Prices are reasonable, even with the price increase. You’ll save more money than you did with cable and you’ll have many of the same channels plus more. You can stream on most devices, so you have plenty of ways to watch the Indiana Pacers online. The Hulu Live free trial is available to try things out.

Other Ways to Watch the Indiana Pacers Online

There are numerous streaming services available, so there are more ways to watch the Indiana Pacers without cable. If you’re interested in other options, you’ll want to check out each service to learn more about package options, features, and more. Each service offers a free trial, so you can test out any of them, if you just aren’t sure which service to choose. Your additional options include:

Sling TV – Packages from $25/month. Nationwide channels are available, but FOX Sports Indiana is not included. Read more in our Sling TV review.

YouTube TV – All of the channels you need for Indiana Pacers streaming for $50/month. Over 70+ channels are included. Read our YouTube TV review here.

AT&T TV NOW – Packages start with 40+ channels including ESPN and TNT for $64.99/month. Our AT&T TV NOW review has more details.

That’s another way to watch sports online, but there are plenty of ways out there for full sports and individual teams! Make sure to leave us any questions you have about how to watch the Indiana Pacers online without cable!

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