How to Watch the Dallas Mavericks Games Online without Cable

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Texas has a few NBA teams that call the area home and one of those teams is the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas is known for giving each game their all and the fans love them for it. Cable used to be a definite necessity if you wanted to watch any sports, including the NBA. These days it just isn’t as necessary. Thanks to streaming services, you can have everything you need to watch the Dallas Mavericks online without cable at a cost that is cheaper than your average cable contract.

Speaking of contracts, streaming services don’t require them. This gives you the freedom to try a service and cancel if you’re not satisfied. Keep reading to learn about what channels air the Dallas Mavericks live stream and how to watch those channels legally without cable.

What Channels Offer the Dallas Mavericks Live Stream?

This season there are four channels you’re going to need to watch the Dallas Mavericks. All of these channels are available without cable. The main channel you need is the regional sports channel, FOX Sports Southwest. This will allow you to watch the Dallas Mavericks online in Dallas and many surrounding areas in the southwest. The other channels airing Mavericks games will air the games nationwide. Those channels include NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT.

How to Watch the Dallas Mavericks Online

There are a few services that might offer a complete season for the Dallas Mavericks. More than anything the most important channel is FS Southwest, which offers roughly 80% or more of the games this season. Both fuboTV and Hulu with Live TV offer FOX Sports Southwest and many other channels. In fact, both services are only missing one channel to make a complete season. fubo is missing ESPN and Hulu Live is missing NBA TV. Otherwise, you’re completely covered. We’ll also look at a few other services that have the channels you’ll need to stream the Dallas Mavericks.

Once you’ve chosen a service and you’ve signed up, you’ll be ready to go. You already own a streaming device. Mobile devices including smart phones and tablets can stream most services from just about anywhere. You can also use Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other streaming boxes. Smart TVs will stream certain streaming services, as well gaming consoles. So, you have a lot of ways you can stream the Dallas Mavericks.

Watch the Dallas Mavericks Online on fuboTV

fuboTV offers three of the four channels for Mavericks streaming. The only missing channel is ESPN, though this only accounts for a few games. Over 95 channels are included in fuboTV’s main package. You’ll pay $64.99 per month to start. Your package goes up if you decide to upgrade your cloud-DVR or add more channels to your package. You can cancel any part of your package at any time. More fuboTV details:

  • $64.99/month with no contracts!
  • 95+ channels with more available as add-on channels
  • More regional sports channels than any other service
  • An on-demand library offering 3-day replay is included
  • Watch on computers, Apple TV, mobile devices, Roku, and more
  • The cloud-DVR offers upgradeable space
  • Learn more with our fuboTV review

fuboTV has all you need to replace cable. The service is cheaper than most cable packages and you’re free to cancel when you want. You can watch TV live and on-demand. Another option is to save shows to your cloud-DVR. Best of all, you can stream on most devices, so there is plenty of ways to watch the Dallas Mavericks online! Don’t forget to sign up for your fuboTV free weeklong trial!

Watch the Dallas Mavericks Online on Hulu Live

Hulu with Live TV is another option when it comes to replacing cable. This is a well-rounded package offering sports, local channels, general entertainment, and more. You’ll start with 60+ channels and Hulu on-demand. A cloud-DVR is also included. Unlike fuboTV, ESPN is included. However, you’ll be missing NBA TV. Packages for Hulu Live start at $64.99 each month. Here’s more about Hulu Live:

  • $64.99 per month
  • Over 60 channels are included
  • Hulu on-demand also comes with this package
  • 50-hours of space comes with the cloud-DVR
  • No contracts
  • Watch on computers, iOS/Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and more
  • View our Hulu with Live TV review here

Hulu Live is a service that will work for lots of people. It’s familiar to many, thanks to their start as an on-demand streaming service. In switching to add live TV, they’ve created a service that excels at offering both on-demand and live options. You can stream on most devices and the service is cheaper than the average streaming price. You can begin your Hulu Live free trial, today.

Other Options to Watch the Dallas Mavericks Online

If fuboTV or Hulu Live doesn’t work for you, you’ve still got options. There are other streaming services out there and many of them offer some or all of the channels you’ll need to watch the Dallas Mavericks online without cable. You can check out the following services to see if one of them will work for you:

Sling TV – Multiple package options offering 30-50 channels starting at $/30. Our Sling TV review has more details.

YouTube TV – One package offers 70+ channels at $50 a month. Visit our YouTube TV review here.

AT&T TV NOW – Here you’ll need to spend $80/month for the best package for sports streaming. Our AT&T TV NOW review has added details.

It’s a quick and easy process to sign up and start using any streaming service. If you have any questions about how to watch the Dallas Mavericks online without cable, feel free to let us know!

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