How to Watch Fox Sports New Orleans without Cable

watch fox sports new orleans without cable

The most common part of cutting the cord seems to be finding a way to watch your favorite shows without cable. When people cut the cord, they don’t throw out their TV. Often, they just want to get rid of the overpriced monthly fee. You can still watch most networks and a host of on-demand options without cable. In most cases, you’ll pay less and get many of the same things, if not more, without any hassles. This even includes sports coverage. So, if you’re a Pelicans fan and want to watch FOX Sports New Orleans without cable, we can tell you how.

In the various sections below, you’ll learn all about how you can watch the FS New Orleans live stream without cable. We’ll start with popular services like fuboTV (free 7-day trial), Sling TV (free 7-day trial), and Hulu with Live TV, and from there we will look at other options. Thanks to free trial options and easy setup, you’ll find the right streaming service for you in no time.


How to Watch FOX Sports New Orleans without Cable TV

You can watch FOX Sports New Orleans without cable in Louisiana and Mississippi. As this is a regional channel, if you’re not in these areas you would not get the FOX Sports New Orleans live stream. Instead, you’d receive the FOX Sports network that was available in your area. A wide variety of sports coverage airs on FS New Orleans including:

  • New Orleans Pelicans (NBA)
  • Local high school coverage for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association
  • College Football
  • Much more!

Pelican fans will find that from signup to streaming only takes a short time. Signing up to a streaming service just takes minutes. From there you just need a streaming device that is connected to the internet. There are a variety of available streaming devices including Apple TV, computers, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, and even mobile devices.

Now let’s look at the ways that you can watch FOX Sports New Orleans online!


Watch FOX Sports New Orleans without Cable on fuboTV

fuboTV is one of the top options if you want to watch regional sports channels. This package offers over 95 channels including over 30 channels with a focus on sports coverage. On-demand access is also available.

Features of fuboTV include:

  • From the second month pay $55/month
  • No contracts!
  • Not as much lag as you find with some services
  • Something for everyone with a mix of sports, news, entertainment, and movies
  • Use the cloud-DVR to save shows
  • Over 95 channels are included
  • Watch on computers, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more
  • Our fuboTV review can tell you more

If you want to learn more, the best way to do that is to check out the fuboTV free 7-day trial!


Watch the FOX Sports New Orleans Live Stream on Hulu Live

Hulu with Live TV also has a lot to offer. You will start with 60+ channels but can add-on more if you’re interested. Hulu’s popular on-demand service is included along with the live TV in this package. These are just some of the things you can expect to find with Hulu Live!

Hulu Live Details:

  • $45 each month – add-on content is also available
  • No contracts!
  • Check out additional content using FOX Sports Go and other TV Everywhere apps
  • Over 60 channels are available
  • Hulu on-demand is also included
  • Stream using Chromecast, computers, smart TVs, iOS/Android, Roku, Apple TV, etc.
  • Our Hulu Live review has more details

Hulu with Live TV’s one-week free trial is one of the best ways to find out more about Hulu Live and to help discover if this is the streaming service for you!


Other Ways to Watch FOX Sports New Orleans without Cable

Are you still interested in learning more about the other ways to watch FOX Sports New Orleans online? Here are the remaining services that will give you a chance to watch sports and more without cable.

Sling TV – Sling Blue is required for FOX Sports Streaming. Get 40+ channels for $25 per month. This is the cheapest way to watch FOX Sports New Orleans online without cable. Some TV Everywhere apps, including FOX Sports Go are included. Here is our Sling TV review.

YouTube TV – One package with over 70 channels for $50 a month. Package perks include user profiles, simultaneous streaming on 3 devices, and an unlimited cloud-DVR. Our YouTube TV review is here with added details.

PlayStation Vue – 50+ channels to start for $50 per month. Choose from multiple packages. Add-on channels are also available. TV Everywhere apps are included. Visit our PS Vue review.


As you can see, it shouldn’t take long for you to get set up so you can watch sports online without cable. You can leave your questions about how to watch FOX Sports New Orleans online without cable in the comments!