Top 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Cable

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Top 5 Reasons to Cancel Cable

Getting Rid of Cable Just Makes Sense:

1. TIME: Too much television is a waste of time. If you cancel cable and only watch your favorite TV shows, you can spend more time with your friends and family.

2. MONEY: a cable or satellite subscription costs at least two times as much (on a monthly basis) as it does to utilize Hulu and Netflix. When times are tough the first thing that needs to go is entertainment. But if you can get the same entertainment at a fraction of the cost – then that is even better! Learn more by reading How to Cancel Cable & Keep your Favorite TV Shows.

3. TECHNOLOGY: Streaming Video is the future of TV. Before long all video entertainment will be via an online connection. Might as well get on-board now, learn the tricks, and save money in the process.

4. INFORMATION: Be more informed. When you don’t rely on cable news for your updates, you will learn to select those news stories that interest you. Rather than be at the mercy of local news anchors, you will revert to more reputable news feeds such as PBS, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, & LinkTV.

5. DIGNITY: Stop getting ripped off by the Cable Companies! Calling up the cable company and canceling your cable will simply make you feel good. Not only that, you will enjoy spending the extra money.
Have you canceled your cable yet? If so, why did you make the change?

If not, why haven’t you?

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By Helen Back

Helen loves to help people rid themselves of the high costs of cable and satellite TV, through writing about simple cost effective alternatives to cable TV. Contact her at [email protected]

6 replies on “Top 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Cable”

I finally come to realize that everything u have written is true, this is an eye-opener for me. For some reasons I am addicted to TV, my online work is a bit tasking, so what I do is turn-on the TV set, glance in a while, and plainly listen even if i’m not fully focus on the topic, this is to make me think and give new insights on my job. Anyways, i should probably get rid of my cable, and trust this online technology. Great topic, kudos!

I haven’t subscribed to a cable or sat service since May 2005. I move to a mobile (cellular) phone permanently and stopped using a hardwired land line telephone in 1997. I cannot imagine how much money both of the choices has save my over the past 15 years.

I utilize a telephone after market firm for my internet connection. For $50 a month I get 5 Mps service with no cap on downloads. 1 GB or 256 GBs, it doesn’t matter. That $50 also includes a land line, because it’s DSL, but I don’t use it, I only have it because I can’t get online without it. My mobile phone is provided through a small firm that piggy backs on the larger network. Anything outside the local area is roaming but I never leave the city unless on vacation (and that would be to a destination requiring me to pay roaming charges anyway). Unlimited incoming and out going calls, free North America long distance, unlimited in and out local and international SMS MMS and unlimited internet via my android phone…. $27.50 a month. I can use my mobile phone as a wifi tether so I can use the web with my notebook or tablet (even when I’m talking on the phone) at no extra charge.

Netflix for $7 and numerous other free online options and I couldn’t be happier. Neither of them require me to sign a contract for a term. If something better comes along, I’m free to take my business there without a penalty.

$84.50 gets me the world and I can take it with me. I know people that pay that each month for their mobile phone plan because they wanted a “free” iphone. There’s no free lunch people.

Hi Richard,
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. You are obviously a master of money and technology services. Please cont to share with us your expertise.

I just cancelled my DirecTV service and bought a Mohu Leaf antenna. But i also wanted to record my free TV so i bought a Tivo Premiere. You get to watch your network and local channel TV shows when you want and get access to a HUGE amount of streaming content as there are apps for Amazon, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, Netflix and YouTube. The Tivo service is $20 a month but less than 3 times the amount of my cable bill.

I here you Mike. These big cable and dish companies think they have a monopoly on the industry, and that they can over charge for their services and there will be no repercussions.

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