If you’ve ever felt left out at the water cooler because you haven’t watched the most popular shows and movies on Netflix, you’ll love the new feature launched by the streaming giant- a Top 10 List. You can now see the most popular movies and TV shows for your country.

This top 10 list is updated daily so you always know what others are watching. The feature was first tested in Mexico and the UK and is now available worldwide.

How to Access Top 10 List

Once you figure out whether you want to watch a movie or a TV show, you simply open that tab in your Netflix account. The Top 10 list will appear in a special row under the Movie tab and the TV Show tab.

TV Shows

For TV Shows, this special row appears under the “Trending Now” and “Critically Acclaimed” lists when using a browser. If accessing through the app, the special row appears below these lists and the “Watch It Again” list. For movies, the Top 10 list is further down on the page.


For movies, the list is even further down the page. The list is under special lists for “Netflix Originals” and the special lists for the various genres of film. This is the same whether you access the content library via a browser or the app.

A Special Design

The Top 10 list stands out from other lists with a special design, helping you quickly notice which rank each title holds. Individual films and series will also have a special Top 10 badge, no matter which way you browse.

For now, the only way you can access these Top 10 lists is via the Movies or TV Shows tabs. However, eventually, we’ll see the Top 10 lists on the Netflix home page as well, making it quicker and easier to find something to watch.