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Which “Tiger King” Character Is Each US State Obsessed With [Besides Joe Exotic]

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During these strange times, one thing is for certain: Tiger King has taken the nation by storm. Critics love it. Netflix subscribers love it. Social media loves it. Everywhere you look, it’s simply unavoidable. In fact, it’s so popular that Netflix has decided to release an extra episode.

What makes the show so enthralling? Many would say its the wild cast. And not just the star, Joe Exotic… Tiger King is rounded out with a motley crew of intriguing supporting characters.

With that in mind, we got to wondering – what character does each state love the most? Does it vary across the US? To find out, we teamed up with Mindnet Analytics. Using Google Trends data, we were able to determine which Tiger King character each state is most obsessed with.

Interesting Findings

After an in-depth analysis using Google Trends data, it was extremely clear that Joe Exotic was clearly the character every single state was most interested in. However, when looking at supporting characters, the results got interesting. Here are some interesting findings that jumped out at us:

  • Doc Antle and Carole Baskin tied for the supporting character the most states were obsessed with, claiming eight states a piece.
  • States were typically most obsessed with the characters who shared their home. For example, Florida was most interested in Carole, and Doc Antle claimed his home state of South Carolina.
  • James Garretson takes third place, with six states being most obsessed with him. Not surprising, since he ends up playing such an important role in the final part of the season.
  • Oklahoma showed the most interest overall in the characters, which isn’t surprising since it’s the main setting for the show. In fact, the Midwest in general has more interest in the characters than the rest of the nation.


First we extracted the list of the 15 main characters from Tiger King from this Cinemaholic article. Since some characters have different variations of their names, such as “Doc Antle” or “Bhagavan Antle,” we used the Google Trends similar queries feature to build a set of name variations for each character.

The data used to determine which character each state is most obsessed with came from Google Trends state-wise search frequencies. For example, if you look at the relative search frequency for “Joe Exotic” across states you see that people in Oklahoma have searched more for this character than any other state. We only counted search frequencies from March 20, 2020 (the premiere of Tiger King) through April 2, 2020, the date of the analysis.

Note, it is not necessarily the character that people in a state searched for more than all other characters, but the character they’re “most obsessed with” is the character that they searched for the most compared to other states.

Interest in the Cast of Tiger King

tiger king characters interest

Each State’s Tiger King Character Obsession

State Character
Alabama James Garretson
Alaska Travis Maldonado
Arizona Carole Baskin
Arkansas John Finlay
California Carole Baskin
Colorado Carole Baskin
Connecticut Carole Baskin
Delaware James Garretson
District of Columbia Rick Kirkham
Florida Carole Baskin
Georgia Carole Baskin
Hawaii Travis Maldonado
Idaho Doc Antle
Illinois Carole Baskin
Indiana Carole Baskin
Iowa Joshua Dial
Kansas Erik Cowie
Kentucky Rick Kirkham
Louisiana James Garretson
Maine Kelci Saffery
Maryland Doc Antle
Massachusetts Doc Antle
Michigan Jeff Lowe
Minnesota Joshua Dial
Mississippi John Reinke
Missouri Travis Maldonado
Montana Rick Kirkham
Nebraska Allen Glover
Nevada Jeff Lowe
New Hampshire Mario Tabraue
New Jersey Doc Antle
New Mexico James Garretson
New York Doc Antle
North Carolina Doc Antle
North Dakota John Finlay
Ohio Doc Antle
Oklahoma John Reinke
Oregon James Garretson
Pennsylvania Mario Tabraue
Rhode Island Rick Kirkham
South Carolina Doc Antle
South Dakota Jeff Lowe
Tennessee Joshua Dial
Texas Travis Maldonado
Utah Dillon Passage
Vermont Jeff Lowe
Virginia Joshua Dial
Washington Jeff Lowe
West Virginia Dillon Passage
Wisconsin James Garretson
Wyoming John Finlay

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