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Yahoo! Online TV Survey – 4 Findings

The Future of TV is Online: Every day consumers are canceling cable, and are watching TV videos online (streaming videos), and on their TVs. The convergence of TV and Internet is here ( FreeTV ). To help make sense of this new landscape Yahoo! recently surveyed DSL-connected households in the U.S. The study focused on determining consumer usage of Internet-connected TV devices.

These four key findings emerged:

1Consumers are online: 1 in 3 households are using Internet connected TV at least once a week, and 3 in 5 have online connected TVs. This can include a standalone TV without the need for an extra box or another device connected to your TV such as a gaming console or your digital media adapter.

1 in 3 use Internet Connected TV

2. Video Gaming consoles lead the pack: Gaming devices and built-in Internet-TV applications will be the most common method of accessing your favorite TV shows online, with 32% showing interest for each. Click here to learn about the best games console on the market.

Looking at buying a Gaming Console?

What is Roku

3. Consumers want the most popular TV Programs, Movies, Music & Weather (in that order): Full-length TV programs or movies (68%), weather (64.99%) and gaming (64%) are the most common types of content accessed. Interestingly, weather and video games are accessed more frequently on a weekly basis. Users are also showing a lot of interest in accessing music on their TVs (44% interest in the next 12 months, second only to TV/movies).

Users want TV Programing, Movies, Music and Weather

4. Men are leading the charge: Males under 35 are more involved in Internet TV than women. Men own more TV brands and stay more aware of their Internet TV options. They are also more likely to subscribe to, or purchase more TV-related products, download more content, and connect their TVs to the Internet.

To learn more about this study read Seven Signs about Internet TV.

Are you the 1 in 3 to move to online programing, or are you still stuck paying the high cost of cable?

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By Helen Back

Helen loves to help people rid themselves of the high costs of cable and satellite TV, through writing about simple cost effective alternatives to cable TV. Contact her at [email protected]

4 replies on “The Future of TV is Online”

With a wifi Bluray player you will get some of the same functionality but not all of it.
What you want to do is find out what apps the bluray player supports, and if you can access the internet. Then you can compare what the bluray player offers to the roku.
For me the ps3 has worked great. I have bluray, gaming, vudu, netflix, and hulu. All this with my indoor antenna, I now have way more content than i need. But i must say i have many followers who love and use the Roku. It is an amazing video streaming device and for the money, its hard to beat. Good luck! and please check back in to let us know how things work out for you.

I cut the cable by using an antenna and Tivo Premiere box. 20 bucks a month. MUCH cheaper than cable or satellite, you can record the shows broadcast OTA and get access to a huge amount of streaming content with your Tivo box.

Its crazy how many people i know that are canceling cable. This survey is pretty cool and definitely shows that this trend is happening everywhere. Hopefully the cable companies are listening – as it is just too dam expensive!

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