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Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna from Mohu

On the Cutting-Edge of Antenna Technology, the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna Produces Results!

Sleek Design, Meets Superior PerformanceMohu Sky Outdoor Antenna

From the makers of the #1 selling Indoor Antenna on the Market (Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor Antenna) comes the Sky: a powerful, multi-directional outdoor antenna solution that provides free over-the-air broadcast television in 1080.

Sleek Design, Meets Superior Performance

A longtime fan of Mohu’s amazing product line, I could not wait to buy and install their latest release – the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna. If you’re new to Over the Air broadcasting, Mohu’s antennas capture HD over-the-air (OTA) TV signals, and relay them for FREE to your TV set via a standard coaxial cable. Major network channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, along with countless other channels can be accessed using a simple indoor or outdoor Mohu antenna.

The Sky is different because it is the first outdoor antenna that Mohu has ever created. And if you familiar with Mohu at all, you would know that they have been building antenna technology for the military for a long time, and produce the highest quality antennas on the market.  What does this mean for you? Better picture quality and access to more channels.

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