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Cut the Cord with Mohu

From Antennas to Streaming Devices

Mohu Channels smallMohu Is Dedicated to Changing the Way We Watch TV

If you’re a new to cord cutting, you may find it a bit overwhelming at first. There are dozens of Over-the-Top services, and even more devices designed to stream those services. Heck, these days you can even stream Netflix from your average Blu-Ray player.

However, not all services are the same; and not all devices are created equal. With that in mind, you may be tempted in purchasing a device like Roku or Chromecast. While they are both fine products, Roku doesn’t support OTA and Chromecast has limited application support.

Antenna + Video Streamer + Streaming Services = Financial Freedom

The fact is that if you want cut the cord and keep the shows you love, you’ll need a few different devices. But managing different devices means more clutter and less convenience. It is for this reason, that I want to tell you about an exciting company named Mohu, that can help fulfill all your cord cutting needs.

What is Mohu?

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Mohu Channels: OTA meets Over-the-Internet TV

One Device for all your Cordcutting Needs

The recently released Mohu Channels offers cord cutters the opportunity to combine all of their favorite video services and OTA signals into a single, polished interface.

(UPDATE .1.26.2016 – This product is no longer being manufactured. )

Mohu ChannelsThe Mohu brand is already well-respected throughout the cord cutter community for its high-quality digital antennas, so the news of a new media box from the company was an exciting development. Initially placed on Kickstarter, Channels quickly surpassed its funding goal, and, beginning in late June, the highly anticipated media solution began shipping to backers. Let’s take a closer look!

The design of Mohu Channels is small and simple, but with the RF remote, you’ll probably never see it.

Mohu offers an Ethernet port for high-speed internet access, though internal Wi-Fi is also available. As always I suggest using a hard-lined internet connection for an optimal streaming experience. The option for 5.1 Dolby Digital Pass-Through and an HDMI port will ensure your audio and video is in true HD. On the opposite side of the device, an RF jack for your digital antenna takes center stage. Finally, the RF keyboard allows the set-top box to hide securely out of view without limiting functionality.


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Mohu Antennas are the #1 Selling Antennas on Amazon for a Reason!

Combining Over-the-Air and Over-the-Internet viewing through a single easy to use interface.

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Get Amped with the Mohu Leaf Ultimate

Over the Air TV with a Kick

Mohu Leaf UltimateMohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

As the #1 Selling Indoor Antenna on Amazon, the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna fully supports 1080p. And with its built in amplifier, the Leaf Ultimate can access free HD programming from towers up to 50 miles away.

Now more than ever, cord cutters have a viable cable TV alternative at their finger tips. Designed by experienced engineers who have been developing antennas for the US military for decades, the Leaf Ultimate is revolutionizing the Indoor Antenna industry.

If you have cut the cable or are looking to cut it, you will need an antenna solution for picking up the wide array of free HD TV channels that are available locally. With the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna you get more than enough power without the need for a bulky box-style antenna.

Mohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna Review
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Mohu Leaf

Over the Air HD Channels for Free
No Cable. No Dish. NO BILLS

Mohu Leaf

How many of us remember the good old days when a pair of rabbit ears sat on top of the TV? If you are looking for a way to cut your cable bill, then you will want to hear about the Mohu Leaf. HD television has made TV clearer than it’s ever been before, but of course, the cable and satellite companies are taking full advantage and raising their prices for that HD signal.

The Mohu Leaf Antenna

Is a paper-thin HD indoor antenna that is perfect for picking up channels and getting a clear picture in suburban and rural areas. Many people today complain about the hefty price they are paying just to watch cable TV. With a leaf antenna, you can get the quality without the price. Depending on the area you live in the Mohu Leaf can pick up channels that are more than 30 miles away from a broadcasting tower.

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HDTV Without Cable – Using a Simple Indoor Antenna

No Cable. No Dish. NO BILLS

How to Watch HDTV Without Cable

mohu leafThe picture quality an Indoor Antenna can deliver has greatly increased in the past few years. This is largely due to Digital broadcasting – which is an improved method of TV broadcasting that offers cable Television Stations for free over the airwaves. In June 2009, TV stations in the US switched over to this new standard.

Get Amped with the Mohu Leaf UltimateWhat is Over the Air? | Watch NFL FREE | OTA Channels for Free in HD

Watch TV 4 Free

Determining if you have a built-in HDTV tuner is the first step before a HD Antenna purchase. High-definition tuners, which are also commonly referred to as HDTV, digital or ATSC tuners, are tuners built into HDTVs that allow you to access high-definition television broadcasts over-the-air. OTA refers to television broadcasts that can be accessed without any cable or satellite television service. Without a high-definition tuner, your won’t be able to view high-definition channels, even if you own a high-definition TV. Many older TV sets on the market come as “HDTV-ready”. The problem is that HDTV-ready TV sets cannot be used for watching HDTV over-the-air because they lack a tuner. If you don’t know whether your TV set has a built-in tuner, look for the RF antenna connector on the rear/side panel. If your still not sure check the manual or find out when the TV was made. The federal government mandated that all TVs made after February 2007 that cross state lines to be sold or that are imported from other countries must come equipped with a digital tuner. If yours was made after that, you’re set. If you find that your TV does not have one, don’t worry, this is something you can purchase.

The Leaf is Currently #1 on Amazon’s
Televisions & Video Products Best Sellers List!

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