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What is VidAngel?

Imagine being able to filter out harmful content, before watching a new flick.

What is VidAngel

At only $1 a day, VidAngel allows me to edit out harmful content before I watch. Thank you VidAngel!

Have you ever watched a movie and said to yourself, “ Wow, that would be have been a great movie if not for X.” Or better yet; have you ever sat down to watch a movie with your family, only to have your child traumatized by the that graphic decapitation scene you forgot about. If you’ve ever wanted to tweak and adjust your favorite movies and shows, then keep reading; you’re going to want to hear about this.

What is VidAngel?

VidAngel is Video-On-Demand service that not only let’s you rent movies for $1 a night. This new service also lets you set custom filters to screen out content you might not like or find objectionable. Continue reading What is VidAngel?

Setting Up your Streaming Service Parental Controls

How to protect your children from harmful content, through adjusting the settings on your favorite Streaming Service

streaming service parental controlsOne of the most overlooked advantages of cutting the cord is the additional control you achieve the content that your children are allowed to watch. With Cable, you are bombarded by toxic commercials and programming aimed to brainwash you and your children into buying more things, acting a certain way, and viewing the world from a consumeristic perspective.

Let’s take control over what we allow our children to watch. And if we can save money in the process.. even better.

I know this first hand. I have a young son and daughter and am constantly infuriated by the media’s lack of moral commitment to empowering our youth with good messages. Instead, they only care about making a buck, at any cost, and to the detriment of our youth’s ideas and self-worth.

I think my friend Murphy from the Just Saying Network said it best on Twitter:

Tweet about Parenting

Cutting the cord does not just Save You Money, it also allows you to control what your family is watching

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Common Sense Media offers Movie Reviews for Parents!

Common Sense Media Rates, Educates, and Advocates for Kids, Families, and Schools

common-sense-media-artLet’s face it; it’s hard to be a parent in the 21st century. Although the information revolution has made it incredibly simple to educate and entertain our children, it has also become harder to protect them from questionable content.

What we all need is a website dedicated to providing movie reviews for parents! A website that’s mission is to protect our kids from the harmful media that surrounds them. Continue reading Common Sense Media offers Movie Reviews for Parents!

Educational Cartoons with Netflix

Entertain & Educate with Streaming Video

Children Programing

No one wants to stick their kid in front of the television all day, but sometimes parents just need a break – and there is no easier way to get that break than letting your child tune out to their favorite show. The trick is to make sure that what they are watching provides educational value.

This becomes tough with standard cable or satellite because people often find themselves simply flipping through channels until they find something that will keep their child entertained. However, keeping your kid entertained should never be your sole priority. You need to find programs that actually promote the ideals, attitudes, and behaviors that you feel would benefit your child’s growth.

NetflixWith Netflix’s Watch Instantly video on demand streaming service (via your Netflix Queue), you get access to a huge library of children’s content. This library is searchable and categorized into sections such as Age Range (Ages 0-2, 2–4, and on…), Book Characters, Dinosaurs, Education, Family Comedy, Shows from Nickelodeon, etc… And with the Education section, you can hone in on those programs that will best benefit your child. Search and navigate, add to your queue, and never again worry about the content that child is viewing.

Top Education Cartoons (for Toddlers) all of which are available through Netflix’s Watch Instantly Service :

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