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Chromecast: Turn your TV into a Smart TV for $35

HDMI Streaming Media Player

Pocket-friendly, Bankbook-friendly, & Easy-to-use

chromecastMany of us already enjoy video entertainment from online sources such as YouTube, Netflix and Google Play, but without a video streaming device we are not able to watch it on our Televisions. To solve this problem, Google recently unveiled a new device, Chromecast, an affordable HDMI adapter that turns any TV into a Smart TV.

Chromecast is a USB sized HDMI dongle that permits you to send anything you can search out in the Google Chrome browser to your TV. Chromecast also allows the users to run apps such as Netflix or Youtube from their phone, tablet, or laptop onto their big screen. Although there are many devices in the market  capable of similar functions, Chromecast may just be the pocket-friendly, bankbook-friendly, easy-to-use and portable solution that you have been looking for.

According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android and Chrome, the Chromecast is doing very very well in the United States. ““We are in the millions now, and it’s growing very actively,” was his comment exactly. And Mr. Pichai didn’t stop there, he also mentioned that the Chromecast dongle would soon start to go on sale in different markets internationally. ~ AndroidHeadlines

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How to Connect a Laptop to a TV

Connect Laptop to TVWhat is HDMI?

Most of the instructional guides out there focus on how to connect an older computer to a TV – via a DVI, VGA, S-Video or an RCA connection. The problem with this approach is that analog video cables, such as these, break down the picture signal into three different cables — red, blue and green. When you’ve got analog cabling connecting digital sources (such as an LCD or plasma screen with a laptop), the digital video and sound signals have to be converted into analog to travel through the cable, before being re-converted back into digital at the receiving end. This leads to signal degradation and a resulting loss of video and sound quality. Below I will explain how to hook a laptop to a TV, retain the highest video and sound quality possible, and how to access full episodes of your favorite TV shows online – with no monthly subscriptions costs of any kind.

How do I Watch Full Episodes Online?

There are several sites you should know about when watching Internet TV, but for this article, I will only mention my two favorite FREE sites. To see a full list go to Online TV Channels

  • Hulu offers ad-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox, ABC, and many other networks and studios. When streaming from a laptop or PC this service is FREE and you get access to their entire library – unlike their Hulu+ offering.
  • Clicker is an Internet Television Guide. They offer a searchable directory of full episodes offered across the Web – from Hulu, NBC, TBS, ABC etc. No longer do you need to switch back and forth between Video Streaming sites – Clicker provides a one-stop shop service for easy usability.

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