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What is Roku?

Roku Explained: Supports Netflix, DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling TV and More

What is RokuIf you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord or just want to be able to stream Netflix and other apps on your TV, you may have heard about a product called Roku. You also may be wondering “What is a Roku?”

Most of us know Roku as a small black box that allows you to instantly stream your favorite TV shows and movies to your TV, but most are unaware of how much content is really available, and that there is now a Roku TV, Roku Stick and new Roku boxes available. Not only can you stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TVDirecTV Now & Amazon Video On Demand (VOD), but you can also stream sports without cable and music from Pandora, iTunes, and MOG.

Roku offers seven types of streaming devices and is widely used by people looking for cost-effective alternatives to Cable Television. Their product suite includes a line of streaming players, a streaming stick, and TVs with built-in Roku streaming technology.

Roku Channels

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Hulu and Netflix are the Future of TV

Hulu Netflix

Consumers want TV and Videos Online

eMarketer (a firm that publishes market research, statistics, and objective analysis on Internet Marketing) estimates that in 2011, 69.4 million adults will watch TV shows at least once a month through some type of Internet connection.  This means that their favorite TV shows may be watched on a TV set, computer screen or mobile device, but that the video content will be accessed through an Internet connection. eMarketer also expects that by 2015, nearly 100 million adults, or 48% of all adult Internet users, will do the same.

With four out of five US Internet users watching online video at least once a month, companies like Hulu and Netflix are flourishing. And as users realize how much HD content Hulu and Netflix offers, more and more will question a costly cable bill.

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Educational Cartoons with Netflix

The Future of TV is Online


Educational Cartoons with Netflix

Entertain & Educate with Streaming Video

Children Programing

No one wants to stick their kid in front of the television all day, but sometimes parents just need a break – and there is no easier way to get that break than letting your child tune out to their favorite show. The trick is to make sure that what they are watching provides educational value.

This becomes tough with standard cable or satellite because people often find themselves simply flipping through channels until they find something that will keep their child entertained. However, keeping your kid entertained should never be your sole priority. You need to find programs that actually promote the ideals, attitudes, and behaviors that you feel would benefit your child’s growth.

NetflixWith Netflix’s Watch Instantly video on demand streaming service (via your Netflix Queue), you get access to a huge library of children’s content. This library is searchable and categorized into sections such as Age Range (Ages 0-2, 2–4, and on…), Book Characters, Dinosaurs, Education, Family Comedy, Shows from Nickelodeon, etc… And with the Education section, you can hone in on those programs that will best benefit your child. Search and navigate, add to your queue, and never again worry about the content that child is viewing.

Top Education Cartoons (for Toddlers) all of which are available through Netflix’s Watch Instantly Service :

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Finding a Cable Alternative

Dumping DIRECTV for Tivo

Guest post by Chris Sully

Tivo Premeire


About this time last year I decided that enough was enough!  The latest DIRECTV bill had arrived and I opened it to find yet another price increase.  I looked back at some old paperwork and found that my monthly bill had ballooned from $51 (May 2002) to over $112 (May 2010).  Sure, I had added a second TV and DVR to my package, but a 220% increase!  Compound that with the fact that my beloved TiVo DVR had been replaced with a horrible DirecTV DVR somewhere along that 8 year span and I simply couldn’t take it anymore.  I headed straight to Google and began to research my next move. It was time to cancel cable.


Research – The First Step to Cable Freedom

The idea of dumping cable simply scared me and completely frustrated my wife.  We are dedicated television and movie fans that spend at least 4 hours a day in front of our TV.  Her first reaction when I brought up canceling cable was not something I care to repeat in this article.  It was very clear that I would need to make a decision that would work for both of us, so I began to compare the options:

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Stream TV Scams

Stream TV ScamsScam Sites that Promise Digital TV for your PC 

If you spend anytime at all searching for how to watch your favorite TV shows online, the best TV streaming sites, or how to cancel cable, you will quickly find that the Internet is flooded with pseudo (fraudulent) sites offering streaming videos and pay to play programs that allow you to download and save videos. And with all the Internet TV scams out there ( Satellite TV Scam being the most popular ), and all the different products to choose from, knowing what not to do is critical. To help you with this problem we have put together, a list of scam sites that pretend to offer satellite video content to your PC. Most are selling customized video players that simply pull content from third party video streaming sites that are free anyway. Also make sure to pay attention to the fine print. You will notice statements like: “we do not host or offer video content of our own”,  which means they are pushing user contributed content via free players.

Stay away from any site in the list below:

  • best-tv-reviews.com
  • football-time.info
  • live-football-channel.tv
  • onlinetv-to-pc.net
  • satellitepcbox.com
  • tvbrowzer.com
  • watch-online-tvnow.com
  • Click here to see our full list of Stream TV Scam Sites


The Future of TV is Online

Yahoo! Online TV Survey – 4 Findings

The Future of TV is Online: Every day consumers are canceling cable, and are watching TV videos online (streaming videos), and on their TVs. The convergence of TV and Internet is here ( FreeTV ). To help make sense of this new landscape Yahoo! recently surveyed DSL-connected households in the U.S. The study focused on determining consumer usage of Internet-connected TV devices.


These four key findings emerged:

1Consumers are online: 1 in 3 households are using Internet connected TV at least once a week, and 3 in 5 have online connected TVs. This can include a standalone TV without the need for an extra box or another device connected to your TV such as a gaming console or your digital media adapter.

1 in 3 use Internet Connected TV

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Cable

Top 5 Reasons to Cancel Cable

Getting Rid of Cable Just Makes Sense:

1. TIME: Too much television is a waste of time. If you cancel cable and only watch your favorite TV shows, you can spend more time with your friends and family.

2. MONEY: a cable or satellite subscription costs at least two times as much (on a monthly basis) as it does to utilize Hulu and Netflix. When times are tough the first thing that needs to go is entertainment. But if you can get the same entertainment at a fraction of the cost – then that is even better! Learn more by reading How to Cancel Cable & Keep your Favorite TV Shows.

3. TECHNOLOGY: Streaming Video is the future of TV. Before long all video entertainment will be via an online connection. Might as well get on-board now, learn the tricks, and save money in the process.

4. INFORMATION: Be more informed. When you don’t rely on cable news for your updates, you will learn to select those news stories that interest you. Rather than be at the mercy of local news anchors, you will revert to more reputable news feeds such as PBS, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, & LinkTV.

5. DIGNITY: Stop getting ripped off by the Cable Companies! Calling up the cable company and canceling your cable will simply make you feel good. Not only that, you will enjoy spending the extra money.
Have you canceled your cable yet? If so, why did you make the change?

If not, why haven’t you?


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Cord Cutters: Lose the Cable, but not the TV

Cancel Cable but Keep the TVYour Favorite TV Shows, Online and On Your TV

Cord Cutting is a fast growing trend. According to a new report by The Convergence Consulting Group, over the past two years 800,000 households in the US have canceled cable subscriptions; and the number of cable cancellations is estimated to increase to 1.6 million by the end of 2011.

There is only one thing that pains me about this trend; most who cancel cable revert to their computers for entertainment. When they should be asking: How do you hook a laptop to a TV? Or better yet how do you cancel cable and still watch all your favorite TV shows, on your TV and in HD?

Like most of you, when I am home looking to relax, I want to sit on my couch, controller in hand, and simply enjoy my favorite TV shows on my HDTV. What I dont want to be doing is fidgeting around with my computer, or be hunched over a small screen. There is no need to use a computer, you can get all the programing you love on your TV without the high cost of cable or satellite.

Click here to learn how….

Do you enjoy the comfort of cable, but hate the cost?


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