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Can I Watch NASCAR Online without Cable?

Car racing has been a hit amongst sports fans since the days of the first car races. People love the thrill of the race and no races are bigger than the ones you’ll find on the NASCAR circuit. From MIS to Daytona, fans are fixated on their favorite tracks and racing teams. Of course, if you cut the cord, you might be in search of a way to watch NASCAR without cable. Whether you’re trying to watch the Xfinity Series, or you focus on the bigger NASCAR Cup races, you’re covered. Keep reading to learn all about when, where, and how you can stream NASCAR without cable.

This guide has all the details you need to watch NASCAR online. This includes everything from the start to the end of the racing season. If you want to stream NASCAR without cable, the following streaming services will allow you to do that and more!


Channels You Need to Watch NASCAR without Cable

NASCAR tends to air on just a few channels, depending on your area. In most cases, NASCAR races will appear on the following channels:

  • FOX
  • Regional FOX Sports channels
  • Regional NBC Sports channels

These channels should give you access to most of the races that will air on TV. Obviously, if you have an antenna, you will get the races that air on FOX. However, there are ways to watch NASCAR without cable on all of the main channels that offer racing and commentary. These services will allow you to watch NASCAR online without cable, through the entire season!


How to Watch NASCAR without Cable: At a Glance

When most people cut the cord, the first thing they do is look for ways to watch their favorite shows and sports without a cable subscription. NASCAR fans will be pleased to know that it’s incredibly easy to watch NASCAR without cable. You can watch NASCAR without cable legally on FOX with a digital antenna, but if you want the races airing on FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional networks, you will need a streaming service to watch those. Many streaming services offer access to all of the channels you need to watch NASCAR online at a low cost. Here are the top options.

Hulu with Live TV is a great option if you’re planning to watch NASCAR online without cable. The Hulu Live package includes 50+ channels, including more access to local channels than any streaming service available. That means you should receive FOX in most areas of the country. FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional channels are also included. The combination of Hulu’s on-demand service and the 50+ live channels, makes Hulu Live a good replacement option if you’re planning to ditch cable. You can learn more by trying things out with the Hulu Live 7-day free trial!

DIRECTV NOW also has what you need to watch NASCAR online. The main difference between Hulu Live and DIRECTV NOW is that DIRECTV NOW offers multiple packages to choose from. Starting at $40 a month, you’ll have over 60 channels, but could have as many as 100+ channels in larger packages. FOX is available in many areas and many packages include both FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional channels. Check out our DIRECTV NOW review, here.


Using Live Streaming Services to Watch NASCAR Online

Cutting the cord saves plenty of money. While it may seem nerve-wracking at first, trying to find a way to watch your favorite shows, streaming TV makes cord cutting a breeze! Services are all pretty similar, offering packages with popular channels and no contracts. Once you find the package with the channels you want and the setup you like, you’ll be good to go. You’ll be saving money and you won’t miss cable for a second.

Services like Hulu Live and DIRECTV NOW offer a mix of live streaming and on-demand TV. This includes sports, entertainment, news, movies, and more. Your channel lineup will include something for everyone in the family. You can opt for budget-friendly plans that offer 30+ channels for $25 or you can get 50+ channels or more for packages starting at $40.

Packages are similar to cable, but you don’t have any commitment and your bill is lower.

With cable bills continually on the climb, more and more customers are jumping ship and moving to streaming services. When you consider that Sling TV offers packages from $25 a month, it makes sense why someone would switch! Other services like Hulu Live, DIRECTV NOW, and YouTube TV start at $40 a month. Streaming services allow you to cancel their services whenever you want, without contracts, which allows you more freedom to ensure you end up with the service that suits you best. Unlike cable, most streaming services also offer a free trial, so you have a chance to become familiar with the service before you pay for it.

As many similarities as there are, there are some differences, as well. The main difference is that streaming services require an Internet connection to broadcast your TV. If you don’t have a good Internet connection, your streaming connection will suffer as a result. You’ll also need a device to stream through. The devices you can use will depend on the service you pick, but could include smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

If you need a way to watch NASCAR online and are ready to cut the cord, you’re about to find out all of the services you can use to stream NASCAR without cable.


Hulu with Live TV is One of the Top Ways to Watch NASCAR Without Cable

Hulu with Live TV is an excellent option if you want to watch NASCAR online. You’ll have all of the channels you need! To watch NASCAR, you’ll need FOX, and Hulu Live offers FOX and other local channels in more areas around the country than any other streaming service. FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional channels are also included in the 50+ channels that are offered. This package will provide a diverse channel lineup that offers something fun no matter who is watching.

Hulu Live offers a good service at a great price. For $40 a month you receive the 50+ live streaming channels and you also get Hulu’s on-demand service as part of your package. This gives you hundreds of hours of on-demand content, on top of all of your live TV options. Here are even more details:

  • Each package includes 50+ channels and the on-demand Hulu service
  • $40 per month
  • No commitments – you can cancel when you want
  • Add-ons like HBO are available
  • FOX, NBC Sports regional channels, and FOX Sports regional channels are included
  • Hulu Live makes a great way to watch sports without cable
  • Works using computers, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, and more
  • Get started with a free 7-day trial

Hulu with Live TV should have everything you need to watch NASCAR without cable. You’ll also have access to the on-demand library and a DVR to record anything airing on live TV that you don’t want to miss. You can learn more in our Hulu with Live TV review.


Use fuboTV to Stream NASCAR without Cable

If you love sports, fuboTV is one of your best streaming options. Packages are available from $45 a month, with the first month discounted for just $40. This package includes over 70 channels of live TV, an on-demand library, and access to a cloud-DVR. FOX is included in most areas, as are both FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional channels. You’ll have sports channels from around the world, so no matter what sports you like, you will probably find them here.

fuboTV also includes a number of general non-sports channels and corresponding TV Everywhere apps. For example, if you’re trying to watch something on one of the FOX Sports regional channels you can also watch it on FOX Sports GO. Even better, you can access all of the FOX Sports channels in this way, in one spot. Here are some other great fuboTV details:

  • One of the top options for sports fans
  • Over 70 channels with many sports channels included
  • The first month is $40 and from then on, it’s $45/month
  • On-demand library and TV Everywhere apps are included
  • A cloud-based DVR is included
  • Watch on computers, mobile devices, Apple TV, and a variety of other streaming devices

fuboTV won’t be for everyone, but if you love sports this is a great choice. Otherwise, there may be better streaming services for you. fuboTV offers a free 7-day trial to give things a shot! You can learn more in our fuboTV review.


Other Ways to Watch NASCAR Without Cable

Hulu Live and fuboTV may be two of the best options to stream NASCAR online, but there are others. Check out these other options that will allow you to watch NASCAR without cable!

Sling TV – from $25/month – Sling TV offers 30+ channels including FOX Sports and NBC Sports regional channels. FOX is also available in many areas. In addition to live TV, you can also use the NBC Sports app and FOX Sports Go. Our Sling TV review has more details.

DIRECTV NOW – $40 a month – All NASCAR related channels should be included, depending on your area. If you are missing a channel, like FOX, you can sign into the FOX app or FOX Sports Go, with your DIRECTV NOW login. Here’s our DIRECTV NOW review to answer your questions.

YouTube TV – from $40/month – Like the other options, YouTube TV offers regional FOX Sports and NBC Sports channels, as well as FOX in most areas. The cool thing about YouTube TV is that you get a bottomless DVR. Our YouTube TV review is available if you want to learn more.

PlayStation Vue – starts at $45 a month – Most areas will receive FOX, along with the necessary regional sports channels from FOX Sports and NBC Sports. Multiple packages are available with 50+ channels, an on-demand library, and more.

As you can see, most streaming services offer a lot of similarities and only a few differences. When there are differences, they tend to be in the cost of the service, the channels that are available, and what devices you can stream on.


Wrapping Up

If you want to watch NASCAR without cable, those are the best ways to do that. You can watch NASCAR on FOX, which means that any of those races are available for free, if you use a digital antenna and have access to the local FOX channel. However, if you want to watch every race and you don’t have cable, you’ll need a streaming service to watch NASCAR online.

If you love other sports, we have a guide that will tell you how to watch sports online. Once you decide to get rid of cable you’ll find that streaming services are here to offer all the shows you love at a cost you can afford!


Cut the Cord with Mohu

From Antennas to Streaming Devices

Mohu Channels smallMohu Is Dedicated to Changing the Way We Watch TV

If you’re a new to cord cutting, you may find it a bit overwhelming at first. There are dozens of Over-the-Top services, and even more devices designed to stream those services. Heck, these days you can even stream Netflix from your average Blu-Ray player.

However, not all services are the same; and not all devices are created equal. With that in mind, you may be tempted in purchasing a device like Roku or Chromecast. While they are both fine products, Roku doesn’t support OTA and Chromecast has limited application support.

Antenna + Video Streamer + Streaming Services = Financial Freedom

The fact is that if you want cut the cord and keep the shows you love, you’ll need a few different devices. But managing different devices means more clutter and less convenience. It is for this reason, that I want to tell you about an exciting company named Mohu, that can help fulfill all your cord cutting needs.

What is Mohu?

Continue reading Cut the Cord with Mohu

Watching the Superbowl in HD for Free

NFL in HD & its 100% Legal

No Cable or Dish?
No Problem!

Are you looking for a way to watch Football this coming weekend, but don’t have a cable TV subscription? Now, you can enjoy the fun with family and friends by watching #Superbowl for Free in HD. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! With some quick research you will find that there are many types of Antennas out there on the market, but only one has been tested time and time again, and continues to outperform all competing brands. I would like to introduce you to Mohu.

What Channels are Available in my Area?

With Mohu’s Channel Finder tool, this question is an easy one to answer. Just enter your zip code and this tool will build out a list of available channels in your area. OTA (over-the-air) signals are free, in HD, and are there for the taking. To access them all you need is an indoor or outdoor Mohu Antenna. Continue reading Watching the Superbowl in HD for Free

Cutting the Cable Bill in Style

Mohu Curve 30 Review

As more and more TV viewers are looking to save money by “cutting the cable,” the antenna is once again becoming popular among homeowners.

Mohu Curve 30

When it comes to indoor antennas, most of us often imagine those bulky “rabbit ears” from our parents’ generation that never gave the best reception. But, times have changed. Mohu’s engineers have come up with a new indoor HDTV antenna – Curve 30 (with a 30-mile reception range) which has a modern look to it and adds to your décor.

Place this antenna on a tabletop or shelf and it will bring a touch of modern look to your home or apartment while giving you free access to your favorite TV shows.

The Curve 30 takes the antenna design to a whole new level with its clean and sophisticated arched structure. TV viewers who want to have an access to high-definition TV programming from local channels but also desire a unique, modern look to their home or apartment can place Mohu’s Curve 30 antenna on their shelf or table and enjoy the TV viewing experience like never before. If you live within 30 miles to a broadcast tower, simply plug-in Curve 30 and you will have access to TV broadcast channels in full 1080 HDTV.

Continue reading Cutting the Cable Bill in Style

#KTCB Fan Letters Page 1

Dear KilltheCableBill,

Your site has been very useful for me as I have canceled my tv service and now save over $200 every monthget the kids outside more and I’ve lost 20 pounds.

I have a Toshiba TV that’s capable of streaming VUDU, Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. I also have a Mohu Leaf so I can watch football 🙂 thanks to you.

I’m looking for some options. I’m interested in seeing you review the Google chrome cast and comparing it to PS3 and Roku.

Any plans? Thanks for you guidance.

David Brinson
September 2013

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. Does this story sound familiar? Have you saved money by canceling cable or Dish TV? If so please share your experiences with us. If your still on the fence, what questions do you have?



Sony PS4 Review

Using the PS4 as a Video Streaming Device 

PlayStation 4 Release Date

On Nov. 15, 2013 the eagerly awaited launch of the PlayStation 4, also known as the PS4, PS4 Reviewwill happen to the cheers of gaming fanatics everywhere. At this moment there have been over one million PS4’s put on preorder to avoid the rush once they hit the streets. The PS4 is set to be released in Europe on Nov. 29, 2013 as well. The game will be released in competition with the Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox One, which are released at the same time. So this Christmas holiday will see all of these systems added to wish lists of gamers everywhere.

What is the PS4? Continue reading Sony PS4 Review

Mohu Leaf

Over the Air HD Channels for Free
No Cable. No Dish. NO BILLS

Mohu Leaf

How many of us remember the good old days when a pair of rabbit ears sat on top of the TV? If you are looking for a way to cut your cable bill, then you will want to hear about the Mohu Leaf. HD television has made TV clearer than it’s ever been before, but of course, the cable and satellite companies are taking full advantage and raising their prices for that HD signal.

The Mohu Leaf Antenna

Is a paper-thin HD indoor antenna that is perfect for picking up channels and getting a clear picture in suburban and rural areas. Many people today complain about the hefty price they are paying just to watch cable TV. With a leaf antenna, you can get the quality without the price. Depending on the area you live in the Mohu Leaf can pick up channels that are more than 30 miles away from a broadcasting tower.

Continue reading Mohu Leaf

Watch TV Online & in HD

Watch TV Online

Cable TV Alternatives

Free Rental from Redbox | Free Movie from Vudu
Free Month from Netflix | 2 Free Weeks from Hulu
Free Basic Cable Channels with Mohu!


Making the Transition has Never Been Easier

Chances are you love your current cable TV service, but you cringe in horror every time you receive your cable bill. Thanks to outrageous prices for standard cable packages on top of the various fees and surcharges, most households receive cable bills that easily exceed $120 each month. If you want to escape these never-ending charges, then perhaps it’s time to cut the cord. For those who think they’ll miss out on the best and latest in televised entertainment, there are plenty of cable TV alternatives that allow you to get your fix without having to shell out thousands of dollars a year.


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