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Introducing Starz New Streaming Service

Available on Amazon Video, iTunes, and Google Play – Starz has joined the ranks and is now offering a Stand-alone Streaming Service.

What is Starz

Ever since HBO announced and subsequently launched its own standalone streaming app, HBO Now, television networks have been falling over themselves to follow suit. What was once thought of as cord cutting unicorns, like ESPN (see Sling TV) and “Game of Thrones”, are now widely available to cord cutters; and things are just getting started. Continue reading Introducing Starz New Streaming Service

Weighing Out the Amazon Prime Benefits

Why Cord Cutters have fallen in love with Amazon Prime

Everyone knows about Netflix and Hulu, two game-changing streaming goliaths, but not a lot of people talk about Amazon Prime. When you think of Amazon, you think of a “one-stop shop”, “buy anything” website. Even if you’ve heard of Amazon Prime, you might think it’s just some overpriced plan for free shipping.

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Believe it or not, Amazon Prime Benefits include a wide variety of services that give you unparalleled access to online media like never before. Today we’re going to take a look at Amazon Prime, its features, and how it can be the missing piece of your cord cutting puzzle.

What are the benefits of having Amazon Prime?

Continue reading Weighing Out the Amazon Prime Benefits