The Super Bowl Will Stream in 4K HDR for the First Time

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For the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be available for streaming in full 4K HDR.

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Options for streaming sports online without cable have been expanding for years, meaning Super Bowl LIV will be easier to watch online than ever. This year is notable not only for the amount of options available to watch the Super Bowl online, but in that for the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be available for streaming in full 4K HDR.

4K HD resolution is becoming more common in many different types of television programming, most notably sports. 4K HD is one of the highest commonly available pixel resolutions for consumer televisions, capable of displaying incredible levels of detail and color depth. 4K HD TVs are becoming adopted much more quickly than the previous high-definition standard, 1080p. Some market studies have predicted that half of US households will own a 4K HD TV by 2020.

Super Bowl LIV will be streamed in 4K HD thanks to Fox Sports, who has led the charge to stream the NFL in 4K HDR. According to SVP of field operations for Fox Sports Mike Davies, the choice to stream the Super Bowl in 4K is a continuation of Fox’s move to the newest high-definition format. “We’re definitely riding the rails of what we did for Thursday Night Football in terms of the game, you know, just on a bigger scale,” Davies said. “I mean, we have at least three times the cameras that we had, for Thursday Night Football, and notably, we’re also going to be doing our shoulder programming in UHD as well.”

Like any early adopter of a new format, Fox dealt with technical issues during some of its first 4K broadcasts of Thursday Night Football. Fox is now assuring viewers that this year’s Super Bowl stream will stable and consistent. 

Fox’s 4K HDR Super Bowl stream can be watched on Amazon Fire TV 4K set-top boxes and smart TVs using the Fox Sports or Fox Now apps. Apple TV 4K will only stream in 4K SDR due to an unspecified “device limitation”. fuboTV will feature a 4K stream on compatible set-top boxes.

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