An Internet Player with Google TV



The Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV is the company’s second and newest device featuring the Internet giant’s ambitious digital media software. It features a reasonable MSRP of $170, but intrepid bargain hunters can easily find it for as low as $148 with a simple search.

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The exterior of the NSZ-GS7 is a slick and sophisticated treat for the eyes, showcasing Sony’s impeccable eye for excellent design. Under the hood lies a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that easily handles apps, videos and webpages, along with a built-in wireless receiver that allows households to do away with wired connections. With an HDMI input and output, Ethernet port, two USB ports and a IR blaster post, connecting most of your favorite devices is no problem.


NSZ-GS7 Remote

Google TV RemoteThe double-sided remote control is perhaps the most interesting feature found on the NSZ-GS7. On one side, there is a generously sized touchpad that allows for remarkably easy navigation, along with an assortment of Android buttons and DVR-style buttons. Turn the remote over and you get a full keyboard, which without, using Google TV’s search feature would almost be impossible. On the right side of the remote, you’ll find your basic volume and channel controls. Last but not least, it also features a 3-Axis motion sensor for gaming. This remote’s tech-laden nature may make it seem somewhat confusing to ordinary users expecting a bit more simplicity.

Being Google TV, the package also includes its ubiquitous Chrome browser. In addition, it comes with Flash Media Player for handling Flash-based content. With the free Media Remote app, you can use your smartphone instead of the included remote to control the NSZ-GS7.


NSZ-GS7 Review

What is Google TV

While the smartly designed and surprisingly innovative hardware earns top marks on many consumers’ lists, but is slightly let down by the unexpected software limitations. Google TV has many pluses – the ability to cross search results from the Internet, download apps from Google Play and instantly watch content from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Youtube and many more. But the software still suffers from a few of intermittent bugs and a lacks certain features, making the overall user experience seem a bit rough around the edges.¬†Specifically, streaming content from Hulu and Viacom-affiliated TV networks, including FOX, NBC and Comedy Central, is still a no-go, making content choices a bit thin for most people’s tastes.

Which is why no video streaming devices is a complete solution, or all in one Cable TV Alternative. For a complete solution, you need to combine a Video Streamer, with Video Streaming Services, and an Indoor Antenna (which does give you access to TV networks like FOX, NBC and ABC. Click here to learn more)



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