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Streaming to multiple devices is no longer an issue with Sling TV’s Multi-Stream package

Sling TV Multi-Stream

One of my favorite online streaming services has to be Sling TV (click here for a free trial).  If you are new to the service, make sure you read our Sling TV review.

As a cord cutting sports fan, I have really appreciated being able to live stream ESPN and sporting events like March Madness without cable. But one thing about Sling TV that’s always bothered me has been the fact that I could only stream it on one device as a time; but that’s about to change.

Earlier this month, Sling TV unveiled a brand new streaming “default” package, appropriately named “Multi-Stream”. There are a few key differences between the Multi and Single stream packages, so let’s do a quick rundown on the changes

*** To learn about last month’s changes to Sling TV’s offering, check out “Whats New With Sling TV“.

First, let’s start with what you’ll get.

Number of Devices

Multi-Stream Sling TVFor $20 month (same price as the single stream), you will be able to stream Sling TV on up to three different devices. This is great for anyone that lives in a household where it’s tough to get everyone to agree on watching the same show or just like sharing accounts with friends.

Multi-Stream Channels

Included in the “Multi-Stream” package are a few extra networks that are not included in the Single Stream lineup; such as truTV and Unimas.

Another plus is that you’ll get access to shows from Fox Network; including content from FX (Iove FX btw) and Fox Sports (FS1). For cord cutting NASCAR fans, this is going to be great news because a huge bulk of NASCAR races air on Fox Sports. Now, you won’t have to turn to the radio for you Sunday races.

Depending on where you live (about 17 select markets) you’ll also get access to local Fox Affiliate networks. In certain markets, you’ll even be able to access local sports channels; like YES in New York.

Sling TV Multi-Stream Channels

But there is a catch

Not included in the Multi-Stream package is ESPN and pretty much anything else owned by Disney. That means no ESPN 1 or 2, ESPN News, ESPNU, Disney Junior, ABC, and Disney XD. To replace this channel (as mentioned earlier) you do get FS1, which offers quite a bit of sports coverage. This could be a no-go for some parents with kids who enjoy the Kids Extra add-on. And a huge bummer for sports fans who love what ESPN brings to the table (Click to learn more about Sling TV’s Sports Extra).

Luckily, you’ll be able to keep most of the other add-ons; including HBO. For a complete breakdown of what each streaming package offers, check out this pdf.

If you want to the additional streams and channels that come with the Multi-Stream package AND keep your old channels, you’ll have to subscribe to both packages; which puts it in the same price range as its competitor, Playstation Vue.

What’s Next for Sling TV

“We see this as just the beginning—as we evolve the multi-stream service, we plan to incorporate your feedback, add more channels and include features that will make Sling TV even better.” Sling TV’s Blog – “Sling TV’s beta multi-stream service brings FOX broadcast, hit shows and local sports with three streams“.

In addition to this new Multi-Stream package, there have been a lot of rumors floating around about something even more exciting coming down the pike. According to tech blogger David Zatz, who received an anonymous tip, Sling TV is working a device that would allow its users to stream over-the-air television. What? That would be AWESOME!

Dubbed AirTv, the box bears a striking resemblance to the old Slingbox and would allow you to watch over-the-air television (OTA) using the Sling TV app. That means you would still have to have a subscription to Sling TV, but for many cord cutters that’s already a no-brainer.

New to OTA Antennas? Read “What is OTA” for a complete overview.

Naturally Sling TV won’t respond to the speculation, but if it turns out to be true, this could be an absolute game changer that puts us one step closer to the perfect cable TV alternative.

What do you think about the new Sling TV packages? Do you plan on switching to Multi-Stream or are you staying put?

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