If you’re thinking about killing your cable bill and Sling TV has come up as your top option, you might be wondering what to do next. Maybe it’s your perfect pick because of the cost or maybe it has the most channels that you really want. Whatever your reason, you still may be hesitant to sign up right away. Before you make any decisions, you may want to know about all the current deals that Sling TV offers.

What are the 2020 deals? Here is a list of the current Sling TV offers to sweeten the deal and make it easier for you to cut the cord.


The One Room Solution

Checkmark one $99 when you prepay for 3 months of Sling

The package includes:

  • An AirTV Mini
  • The AirTV 2
  • Antenna
  • 3 months Sling TV service

When you sign up for this deal through Sling TV and prepay for 3 months, you can get all of the above for only $99. It’s the complete cord cutting solution – an antenna to stream local channels, and a streaming device plus DVR to watch and record Sling content and local channels all in one place. Get the deal here.


Free AirTV Mini

If you just want the basics to plug directly into your TV and a remote to access your streaming services, a free AirTV Mini may be a great fit for you. This little device is typically $79.99 when you buy it alone, but if you sign up for Sling TV and prepay for 2 months, you’ll get it for free. That’s $80 in your pocket!

Here’s what makes the AirTV Mini special:

  • Connect the AirTV to your antenna and watch local channels on any TV or device
  • Integrates your local antenna channels into your Sling TV interface for more channels and an easier user experience
  • 4K capable
  • Includes thousands of apps, like Netflix, YouTube, and others

Essentially, this device acts as what’s referred to as a dongle. It allows you to access streaming services like Sling TV and others, such as Netflix, through your TV. It’s worth checking out when you can get it for free.


Free Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you still like the idea of the Amazon branded devices, Sling TV is offering another one when you sign up for the service. The Fire TV Stick is a smaller sibling of the Fire TV but it still provides access to all of your streaming accounts.

Think of it as technology that can turn your regular everyday television into a Smart TV. Just plug it in and access streaming TV apps with the click of a remote control button.

Here are some of the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is super easy to setup — it plugs in to the HDMI outlet on your TV, and allows you to stream tons of live and on-demand TV with access to thousands of apps

This device, normally $39.99 is completely free if you sign up and prepay for 2 months of Sling TV.


Free Antenna

One of the few criticisms is the lack of access to some local channels on Sling TV. Well, this deal has you covered. Many local networks are available over the area, and depending on your location and coverage area you can access them through an antenna.

With this deal, prepay for Sling TV for 2 months and get a free antenna. That’s a $44.96 value. The antenna can give you instant access to whatever local channels are available in your area completely free. You can watch your favorite shows live as they air.


Get $10 off Your First Month

If you’re not looking for a streaming player or an antenna, Sling TV has another offer for you – get $10 off your first month’s bill. This works for either Sling Orange and Sling Blue, or when you combine them both.

Those are the current 2020 deals through Sling TV. Check back regularly to see if anything changes new deals are added. And don’t forget to check out our full Sling TV review for more details on this service.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Sign up now for a free trial of Sling TV to see for yourself.

Helen Back