To help Americans get through the current social distancing and shut down caused by the spread of the coronavirus, Sling TV is offering free streaming video with no credit card or account required. 

Sling TV’s new “Stay in & SLING” initiative is aimed at helping Americans stay informed and entertained during the COVID-19 crisis. For the time being, Sling TV will make a selection of on-demand content available for free streaming to everyone, no account required. Titles will include news, family programing, and various entertainment and lifestyle content.

In a press release, Sling TV group president Warren Schlichting says the initiative is aimed at helping Americans access up-to-date, reliable information during this uncertain time. “To stay informed in these uncertain times, Americans need access to news from reputable sources,” said Schlichting. “With many Americans finding themselves staying at home, we have an opportunity to use our platform to help them deal with this rapidly evolving situation.”

Stay in & SLING includes 24-hour streaming news from ABC News Live and thousands of movies and series aimed at kids and families. Some of the titles currently available for free streaming include shows like “Rick and Morty”, “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Forensic Files,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” “Black Sails,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” “Roseanne,” “Grounded for Life,” “Hunter,” “Grace Under Fire,” “Shameless,” “21 Jump Street” and others. 

Kids’ titles available for free streaming include “Teen Titans Go!,” “Adventure Time,” “DC Super Hero Girls,” “Total Dramarama,” “Justice League Action,” “LEGO Ninjago,” “Bob the Builder”, “Samurai Jack”, and others.

To watch the free Sling TV streams, download the Sling TV app on a Roku, Amazon, or Android device. Sling TV can also be watched free at on any Chrome, Safari, or Edge web browser.

If you like what you see on Stay in & Sling, a full Sling TV subscription costs just $20/month and offers dozens of the most popular networks in addition to a huge library of on demand content.