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How to get rid of the cable bill but keep the shows you love.

The Search for a Cable TV Alternative – People everywhere are Canceling their Cable or Dish Service to save up to $100 a month.How to get rid of the cable bill

Cord cutting is not just a way to watch television, but it’s also a lifestyle. To cut the cord is to embrace freedom and the power of the informed consumer.
What about you? Are you satisfied with cable, or are you like millions of Americans who are fed up with high prices and low satisfaction? If you are, then stop waiting and kill the cable bill!

People everywhere are realizing that there is no longer a need to pay that expensive Cable bill.

How to get rid of the cable billTo get things started follow this is a 4-step program:

  1. Discover all the Ways Watch TV Online
  2. Make Note of all the Scam Sites You Need to Avoid
  3. Determine if a TV Antenna will work for you
  4. Choose a Video Streaming Device

Take some time to read and explore the site. Then start asking questions via the comments section of our blog posts. We are here to help!

P.S. We also love to hear success stories. So please also share with us what works and what doesn’t.

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I cut the cord about a year ago and couldn’t be happier! The only thing I miss is notification of new shows. I used to see ads while watching other shows. Is there a website or newsletter for new shows coming out? TV Guide seems to be network channels and if you go to every cable network it would take all day.

Hmm I use an app on my phone for this called “TV Show Favs”. With this app you can see what is popular and then “Star” your favorites. Then you can use a calendar view to see when they air.

That is a really good question. I am not sure, but i dont think it does. Ill need to do some more research on this one. I do know there are plenty of screen capturing tools that could accomplish this, but that might be too much work. As for the Interface, yes, it is very easy to use.

Is it possible to record programs available through online TV channels using a TIVO Roamio plus? Many of these programs are only posted on the sites for 30 days and would like to capture before they are taken down. Also, does the Roamio provide a good internet interface for navigating the online TV resources?

Hi Shirlee Lane! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. And thank you for sharing with your friends. We need all the help we can get! "Share the knowledge"

Hi Shirlee Lane! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. And thank you for sharing with your friends. We need all the help we can get! "Share the knowledge"

This is great, so simple I plan on doing it myself. I already posted on Facebook. I am retired so the saving is very important to me. I had given up on cable do to the price. Thank you

I just found an excellent web site non cable subscribed that play live cnn news.
[link removed]

Is this the URL you are using?
If so your blu-ray player may be the problem as it plays great on my laptop. So if this is the case you probably want to consider using a Laptop with HDMI out as your video streaming device. Additionally you should look into Mohu Antennas to get sports. Its not a complete solution but it does give you access to Major Network Channels in HD. So for Sunday football (as an example) your good to go. Here are a few links you may find helpful:

Everything you need to know about Antennas:

Online TV Channels Page:

Good luck! And please check back in and let us know how things work out.

Is there a way to watch msnbc on my tv without cable? I have a wifi blu-ray with a browser, but it won't play the msnbc videos. I gave up cable again. It is fine for me, but my son sure misses the sports!

Is there a way to watch msnbc on my tv without cable? I have a wifi blu-ray with a browser, but it won't play the msnbc videos. I gave up cable again. It is fine for me, but my son sure misses the sports!

Dave Kennedy I have netflix . I sometimes use Hulu and I do watch some online tv. However, ABC does not offer shows unless you verify your cable company. Yes, you can eventually watch the shows but 2 weeks later, which is a mood point for some shows. As far as the using the cable lines, those lines would not necessarily come from the top of the house. Our cable lines are coming up from the basement, so I am not sure how that helps us.

Erika Balazsi Understandable. But an Outdoor Antenna could make all the difference. What you could do is see if the coaxial cable has already been installed. There is no reason you cant use the same wiring that the cable company taps into… which many times is installed when the structure is built. just a thought…. But regardless if that works or not, i would suggest looking into Online content. Our "Watch TV Online" page has a ton of direct links. Or you can subscribe to Netflix and Hulu – which has more programming than you have time to watch.

Dave Kennedy Just indoor. My husband does not want to run the cables through the walls. This limits my options. Aereo was perfect.

Hi Erika – thanks for reaching out. Just so I have all the facts straight – have you tried an outdoor antenna? or just indoor antennas?

Now that I cannot use Aereo I am not able to watch any basic TV stations. Regular antenna are not able to pick up signal and if they do it is very weak. I have tried many types of antenna, but no luck. Any suggestions on how to get just basic channels without cable. Also why is ABC so difficult to pick up and why do they always want verification of cable company before you can watch the most current episode on line?

So some off the apps require a cable provider to watch content. Can this bypass that in any way?

Hi Carri – as far as I know there is not a way to bypass this issue. But if you search around you will find that a lot of that type of content is available elswere (Hulu, Netflix, OTA, Amazon, etc…) Check out the page that I dedicated to watching TV online:

What can I use if I have analog T.V’s? I have 4 TV’s that are all analog, They all work great and can’t see spending money on new TV’s if they all work fine. I would love to get rid of my cable and just keep the internet, but not sure if this would work on my analog TV’s.

Hi Lucy – What you need is an HDMI to AV Converter. You will also find devices that will work by searching “HDMI to Analog Converter”. I did some research and found that the following converter on Amazon works well:

I have not used this device myself but here is a review posted by an Amzazon user: “This Converter Works Well Google ChromeCast. The converter worked as advertised. I hooked it up to an old analog TV and plugged Google ChromeCast and ever everything worked fine.”

When your ready to take a look at the benefits of HDMI see:

Good Luck. Please check back in and let us know how it works out

If I purchase a Roku 3, can I use it on any TV anywhere? In other words is the device mobile?

Hey Will – great question. Think it is just a matter of semantics. From my seat, a computer is a streaming device. And in my opinion, a computer is probably the best possible streaming device out there – as long as it has an HDMI out port and can handle playing high definition videos / movies. But for people who cannot afford to dedicate a computer to video streaming, devices like Roku cost a fraction of the price, and are a great option.

it is all very confusing. I would be happy with basic channels and streaming netflix, But I am very political, and watch MSNBC and CNN and PBS every night…are those channels available for streaming in real time?? Help!!

How do you get Internet without cable? I can’t pay for internet without having to choose a cable package too.

This should not be the case. You should be able to sign up for Internet with out paying for Cable TV. If your current provider does not offer this, i suggest shopping around.

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