During quarantine, data suggests that Netflix users were streaming 3.2 hours a day on average, up from 2 hours a day before. But with all 50 states beginning to implement measures to reopen states, the lock down is now coming to an end after approximately two months. And as more people begin to test the waters and venture out, we expect viewing habits to change course.

We also know that since Netflix doesn’t include ads, Netflix saves viewers from tons of commercials, which got us to thinking – how much ad-viewing did Netflix save its subscribers from during the lockdown? We crunched the numbers and found that during quarantine, Netflix saved the average US subscriber 58 hours of commercial viewing. 

Here’s how we came to that number:

  • On average, an hour of network TV shows 18 minutes of commercials.
  • During quarantine, the average American Netflix subscriber streamed 3.2 hours of content per day, up from 2 hours a day during normal times.
  • During the pandemic, Netflix has saved its customers approximately 58 minutes of commercials per day. That’s more than two full days of commercials!
  • With quarantine lasting an average of two months across the US, Netflix has saved the average subscriber 3,480 minutes, or 58 hours, during the pandemic.
  • Netflix has approximately 63.7 million US subscribers. That means that during the coronavirus shutdown, Netflix has saved its US subscribers a total of 3.7 billion hours of commercials.

That’s a whole lot of ads Netflix users aren’t seeing… it’s no wonder so many people are ditching traditional pay-TV and opting for streaming services like Netflix instead!

William Parker