What is Plex?

Build a Plex Media Center PCWhat is Plex

Plex App is a computer application that was designed to help you organize all the different types of entertainment files that are floating around on your computer. Additionally, Plex links to web content, like Netflix, Hulu and many online TV Channels. In short, Plex can be your all inclusive Universal Queue. Providing quick access of everything from home movies & pictures, to your favorite song, movie or TV show. Plex does the heavy lifting so you don’t have too.


Plex Software

Offered in a variety of platforms, including Mac, PC and Linux, Plex allows you to access your media collection and organize it the way you want, on any device you want. If you’re at home and don’t feel like loading Plex on the computer, no problem, the app will do the organizing for you, sorting through the videos and audio material you want to enjoy in seconds.


Plex Media Center


How to Stream Video

Plex not only support audio, video, and imagery, but it also provides access to a wide range of TV shows and movies via the Plex Channels.. Plex Channels are available through a Plex Client, and are essentially plug-ins where you can watch many films, television shows or even cartoons. Download Netflix, for instance, through your Plex Client and you‘re able to watch movies of your choice from virtually anywhere. The nice thing about PlexApp and Plex Client is you can download channels on both your desktop and your mobile device.

You can also enhance the functionality of your connected TVs, such as Google TV or Roku, by investing in low cost streaming through PlexApp for Connected Devices. You can also connect to DLNA compatible devices as well, which makes your Xbox 360 or PS3 a virtual gold mine of connectivity. Samsung and LG connected devices also work well.

Plex Media Server for Windows is free, so it’s well worth your while to explore the media possibilities this very flexible app has to offer you, particularly if you’re an avid film or television buff. Entire worlds of viewing and listening possibilities lay in the palm of your hand or a mouse click away if you’ve downloaded PlexApp.

All you have to do is install it.


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