Before you kill your cable bill for good, you probably want to know the answer to one questions: how do you watch local channels without cable. An antenna can work for some people, but if you’re not in the right broadcast area, you may be unable to pick up many local channels. On top of that, it’s fair to want all of your TV viewing in one convenient place much like it was with the cable experience.

One of the top choices for many cord cutters is PlayStation Vue. With PS Vue, you’ll get access to many popular networks like AMC, BBC America, and more. But can you also stream local channels? Which PlayStation Vue local channels can you expect to get when you subscribe? Keep reading to learn more about local channels and PlayStation Vue.

Editor’s note: PlayStation Vue is shutting down. For similar service, we recommend trying out fuboTV or Hulu Live. You can also read about fuboTV local channels here and Hulu Live local channels here


Which PlayStation Vue Local Channels Can You Stream?

PlayStation Vue has been around a while and is a popular choice to access networks without cable. But local channels can be challenging with any streaming service. However, with Vue, you can have access to all 4 big broadcast networks: FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Availability may depend on your specific market, so check out the service for more information. For areas where the networks aren’t live, PlayStation Vue has on-demand options for FOX, NBC, and ABC. On-demand is not available for CBS.

To learn more about streaming local networks live with PlayStation Vue, check out their service or sign up for a free 5-day trial.


Can You Watch PBS on PlayStation Vue?

As of this time, none of the top streaming services offer access to the PBS live stream.

If you do want to watch PBS without antenna or cable, you can download their PBS app to access programming on your connected device.


Can You Watch CW on PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue does not offer access to the CW streaming live or on demand. Hulu Live and fuboTV currently carry CW stations in some markets. You can also download the free CW app which carries on-demand shows, usually with new episodes the day after they air.


Can You Watch Telemundo on PlayStation Vue?

You’re in luck. PlayStation Vue is one of the few streaming services that offers Telemundo streaming live.


How to Check Your Local Channels on PlayStation Vue

If you want to see whether your local stations are available through PS Vue, visit their website to see what you can get. You can even sign up for Vue FREE for 5 days to check it out.


Learn More About PlayStation Vue

For more information on this popular streaming service, take a look at our PlayStation Vue review. There you’ll learn about the packages, devices, and pricing.

Don’t forget, PlayStation Vue offers a free 5-day trial so you can see for yourself.

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