NFL is back and football fans are as obsessed as ever. And it’s no wonder – with so much craziness in 2020, football is the perfect escape. And according to, the average NFL fan watches a total of 4.2 hours of football a week. To put that into perspective, we decided to compare that to how much time we spend on other weekly activities compared to watching NFL games.

The result? Well, let’s just say football season can really takeover the life of an NFL fan. Here’s a look at how much time is spent on various activities.

Activity Time Spent per Day in Min Time Spent per Week in Min
Watching Football 40 280
Socialization 39 273
Food Prep 36 252
Commuting 33 231
Housework 33 231
Childcare 25 175
Reading 18 126
Exercise 17 119
Lawncare 11 77
Showering 8 56
Sex 2 14


Interesting Points

The data is truly staggering. Yes, we spend a lot of time doing things, but when you compare it to the time we sit and watch football on TV, it’s really sobering. A few notable takeaways:

  • NFL fans spend about as much time watching football as the average person spends socializing in a given week.
  • On average, children only get about a third of the attention that football games get from NFL fans. Of course, maybe we’re watching football with our kids!
  • ¬†Activities that enrich our brains and bodies, such as reading and exercise, pale in comparison to the amount of time spent watching football. Solution? Maybe put a Peloton in front of the TV, turn the volume off, and play an audio book in your headphones while you watch?
  • The average person spends 56 minutes a week showering – and football fans spend about 9 times that watching NFL. At least we’re saving water, maybe?
  • File under sad but true – adults make love for about 14 minutes a week on average. And NFL fans spend 35 times that amount of time watching football.

What else can we say? It’s a lot of football watching, even if the majority of it is watching commercials!

William Parker