Netflix Originals You May Have Missed … Part I

Flying Under the Radar, Netflix is Producing some of the Best Shows on TV

netflix originals

Whether you know it or not, the face of television is changing. Entertainment has become much more fragmented and decentralized; and the success of a new television is no longer dependent on being placed in a “prime time” spot. When you can stream content online, who cares about when it airs as long as you can stream it at your convenience?

Because of this new reality, thousands of people are cutting the cord in search of a new cable TV alternative; and that alternative has come in the form of streaming services. One company that’s leading the charge in the cord cutting revolution is Netflix. Not only has Netflix revolutionized entertainment by introducing us to streaming as we know it, but they are also changing the face of television production by releasing their own original content.

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We all know about House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, but there are also dozens of other Netflix shows available to stream; and some of them may have slipped through the cracks of your proverbial field of observation. So what I’m going to do for you today is introduce you to some Netflix originals you may have missed the first time and give you a heads up on some great ones that will be coming out this year.  Let’s take a look!


If Chicago is your kind of town, then Lilyhammer just might be too. Lilyhammer is comedy/drama that centers on Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, a mobster turned state’s evidence who flees to Norway to escape retribution. Although out of his element, Frank’s able to make his little piece of Norway look like home; but his past can only stay hidden for so long.

If you liked movies like Analyze This and The Whole 9 Yards, then you’ll love this Norwegian take on the New York Mafioso.

Trailer Park Boys

@trailerparkboys – Have you ever wondered what it would look like if the film crew from Cops followed around criminals instead of police officers? Trailer Park Boys answers that question as we follow the adventures of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian; three career petty criminals with a penchant for liquor, dope, and greasy schemes to get rich quick.

Originally produced in Nova Scotia, Netflix picked up Trailer Park Boys last year and gave the cult classic a new lease on life.

Hemlock Grove

Based on the hit novel with the same name, Hemlock Grove is about sleepy Pennsylvania town that gets turned upside down by string of grisly murders that point to something sinister and supernatural. Released in 2013, Hemlock Grove picked up two Emmy nominations in its first season; and it has been highly praised for having one of the most realistic looking werewolf transformations on television… whatever that means.

Bottom line: Hemlock Grove is one of the best shows that you’re not watching.


@Daredevil – When Matt Murdock was a child, a terrible accident took away his sight; but in its place it left him with super human senses. Now a lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen, Murdock fights for justice in the courts during the day and at night he fights for justice in the streets as the superhero Daredevil. Shake off the memory of that terrible Ben Affleck movie, because this Netflix adaptation of the Marvel comic book hero is nothing short of brilliant.

Oh yeah, and you can watch it in 4k; what’s better than that?

Grace and Frankie

@GraceandFrankie – Coming out on May 8 is the show Grace and Frankie. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as two bitter rivals that are forced to come to terms with reality and each other as both their husbands leave them for each other.  If this hilarious trailer isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then maybe the fact that it’s available in 4k will get you excited.

Either way, be sure to add Grace and Frankie on your list; because it’s going to be one that you don’t want to miss.

Wet Hot American Summer

On July 31st, return to Camp Firewood as the 2001 cult classic Wet Hot American Summer gets the breath of life in the form of this prequel series. Breaking the trend with most movie-based TV shows; Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, and much of the original cast  are set to return in what is shaping up to be a promising new show. They may be the oldest teenagers ever; but with a cast like that, who cares?

Netflix’s original series

If you haven’t taken the time to explore some of Netflix’s original series’, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you go back and give it a second look. And if you bookmark one link today, I suggest bookmarking Netflix Originals Premiere Dates.

Most networks only produce a handful of original shows, but Netflix already has more than thirty shows either in production or ready to stream; and you can’t get that anywhere else…especially for $8.99 a month.

Keep an eye out for Part II where I discuss more of my favorites….

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Got any others I should have  mentioned? What is you’re favorite Netflix Original show?