Netflix Finally Lets Users Turn Off Autoplay Previews

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Netflix has finally listened to the cries of its subscribers. You can now turn off the autoplay previews when scrolling through titles. Previously, you were destined to blaring music and a trailer automatically starting if you hovered over a title for just a second too long. While some users find this feature useful when deciding what to binge-watch next, many find it simply annoying.

Netflix announced on Twitter that users now have the option to turn this feature off. This gives you the control as to whether or not you see previews when looking for what to watch next.

While the feature has been annoying Netflix users for some time, it reached a tipping point with the film “Don’t F**k with Cats” on the site’s homepage in December. This spurred a petition to be started on to turn off the autoplay feature for all titles, but especially those that could be triggering.

How to Turn Off Autoplay Previews

Luckily, they have made it relatively simple to turn this feature off. According to Netflix’s help center, you simply:

  • Sign in to your Netflix account from a web browser
  • Go to Manage Profiles in the menu
  • Choose the Profile you want to update
  • Check or Uncheck the Autoplay previews option

The feature is specific to each profile. Any changes are applied to all devices where the profile is used.

Users may experience a delay before the changes to their profile take effect. If you don’t want to wait, you can always switch to a different profile and then back to your profile. This will force your profile to reload with your updated settings.

Netflix has also created an option for you to enable or disable autoplay next episode in a series as well. This change can also be made using the same process for turning off autoplay previews outlined above.

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