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A DVR with free Over the Air TV Listings

Although cutting the cord gives you greater freedom and is far less expensive than cable you also lose the comfort of certain services and devices; like the channel guide and DVR.

Even the fiercest of cord cutters have to admit that being able to record live TV is pretty darn convenience. But what most cord cutters are not aware of is that there are a ton of third party DVRs and channel guides on the market that don’t require a cable television subscription.

One of the more interesting DVRs on the market is the DVR+ made by Channel Master. Unlike other DVRs on the market, the DVR+ requires no monthly subscription fee. All content is saved to an internal hard drive instead of cloud storage; which means you won’t be cut off from your content should your internet connection fail.

How much does Channel Master DVR+ cost?

The DVR+ has two storage sizes you can choose from; 16GB for $249 or 1TB for $399. I would recommend getting the 1TB size. The reason why I would recommend the 1TB is that while the 16GB is technically cheaper, you still have to purchase an external hard drive to achieve full “DVR functionality,” so you don’t save as much money as you think.dvrplus-coins

Not to mention that 16GB is not a lot of storage space when you are recording television shows a 1080p HD. The 1TB DVR+ may be a little more expensive, but you’ll get more bang for your buck.

check-outPurchasing Options: Buy Direct from Channel Master, or check current pricing on Amazon.com

Free Over the Air TV Listings

In addition to recording OTA television, the DVR+ offers a free TV guide that goes as far out as 14 days. That’s pretty great when you consider that many DVR services will charge extra for TV guide services.

“For anyone who lives outside the reach of cable or wants freedom from cable’s pricey contractual vise, the DVR+ allows for easy and effective OTA recording.” Wired.com

Channel Master DVR+ Streaming Apps

Now, the DVR+ doesn’t just record television; it also lets you connect to streaming applications. At no additional cost, you can access the on-demand service VUDU as well as YouTube and Pandora. To save you the hassle of switching between tabs, pages, or feeds; channels and streaming services are integrated into one streamlined and intuitive interface.

Channel Master and Sling TV

Jan. 5, 2016  – – Channel Master announced integration with Sling TV, allowing customers to access Sling TV directly within their channel guide. Learn  More

According to Channel Master, more services will be added in the future. Most recently, Channel Master demonstrated a Sling TV app on one of its devices; which presents new and exciting prospects for future app support. To fully understand what Sling TV has to offer, read “What is Sling TV?”.

Additional Streaming Channels

Channel Master also added another new feature to the DVR+: integrated internet channels. There is a countless free videos on the web, and Channel Master aims to aggregate the more interesting feeds into quickly accessible channels.

Integrated into the guide, just like the OTA channels and streaming services, the current channel lineup includes:

  • Bloomberg
  • Weathernation
  • BizTV
  • WGN
  • Free Speech TV
  • Pursuit TV
  • Hunt Channel
  • FoodyTV
  • Outdoor Cooking Channel
  • MiCasa Network
  • MHz Worldwide
  • Vibrant TV
  • Catholic TV Network
  • Daystar
  • Family Friendly Entertainment
  • Evine
  • The Liquidation Channel
  • Jewelry TV

If you don’t like any of the channels, you have the option of hiding them from the guide so you never have to deal with the hassle offlipping over channels you hate.Channel Master DVR+ Review

Oh yeah and it’s 100% free. Even if you don’t like some of the channels, it’s hard to deny the added value.

While some may balk at the sticker price or huff over the lack of bells and whistles, all in the DVR+ is still a great investment. New features are being added all the time, all for free and without software updates. The DVR+ may not be the fanciest machine on the market, but its one of the few devices out there that continues to add value even after you purchase it.

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