Xbox One Review

xbox oneThe Xbox One is set to take the world by storm in mid-November and many people will be standing in line waiting for the doors to open to their favorite electronics stores so that they can be the first to purchase, and play, one. Read on for a review of the Xbox One and what it can do for you, and your outrageous cable bill.

What is the Xbox One?

The Xbox has been around for as long as many of us can remember, and it just keeps getting better. The Xbox One is the newest game console, replacing the Xbox 360, to be released by Microsoft on Nov. 13, 2013. The device has been called an “all in one entertainment system,” because it is supposed to allow you to do everything from watch TV to play games and listen to music through its streaming capabilities. The system is supposed to be a huge competitor against other home media devices.

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was a PowerPC based console, the Xbox One will be moving away from this style of console. The 360 was a more streamlined affair, as the One is going to be a blockier version of its predecessor. The graphics of course on the Xbox One are supposed to be sharper and more vivid than the 360, of course that remains to be seen.

The One is supposed to be able to progressively update Skype and other apps as well. The One also has a 500GB internal drive, topping the 360’s 320GB drive. The new controllers have pretty much the same look as the older controllers, they are just a little more rounded. It seems that in some ways the One is outshining the 360, but the 360 still has features that everyone will continue to love.

Xbox One

Is Xbox One a Cable Bill Killer?

Short answer is NO. The Xbox One can plug directly into your cable box, but you are going to have to have cable or satellite to watch it. Can you connect an Antenna to the Xbox One? NO, there is no tuner in the Xbox, only HDMI in/out with HDMI-CEC control. Which means you can not watch OTA (Over the Air) TV on the Xbox One. So it will act pretty much like like Google TV where you need a box hooked up to the XBox and then it will pass through commands from the Xbox to the TV STB (which also has to support HDMI-CEC). This is extremely disappointing news, as we all hoped Microsoft would have learned from Google TV’s mistakes.

How much will it Cost and What are the Features?

The Xbox One will cost roughly $350 for the system, of course there will be bundles available that pricing will vary on. The Xbox One has been described as a “modern, powerful box,” and has many features that are new, and some that have just be updated from the 360. Those features include:

  • USB 3.0
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Blu-ray
  • HDMI In and out
  • Connected and Ready
  • New Connect Sensor with every Xbox One
  • Controllers have dynamic impulse triggers
  • And much more

All in all, it looks like the Xbox One may be a force to be reckoned with as long as you are satisfied with purely streaming your video content. But at a price point of $350, unless you are a gamer, there are far less expensive cable TV alternative videos streaming devices out there.




Helen Back