Using the PS4 as a Video Streaming Device 

PlayStation 4 Release Date

On Nov. 15, 2013 the eagerly awaited launch of the PlayStation 4, also known as the PS4, PS4 Reviewwill happen to the cheers of gaming fanatics everywhere. At this moment there have been over one million PS4’s put on preorder to avoid the rush once they hit the streets. The PS4 is set to be released in Europe on Nov. 29, 2013 as well. The game will be released in competition with the Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox One, which are released at the same time. So this Christmas holiday will see all of these systems added to wish lists of gamers everywhere.

What is the PS4?

The PS4 is the predecessor to the PS3 and is a video game console that is being released in Nov. by Sony Entertainment. This is the 4th console in the series and will be part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. The PS4 competes with Microsoft and Nintendo to be the best gaming system out there. The PS4 is moving away from the complicated cell structure of the PS3, which confounded many players when the system was first released, and hope to make the gaming experience less complicated and even better than it has been in the past with Sony.

PS4 Controller

The PS4 Controller will include DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller features while incorporating brand new ways to interact with other players and games. Dramatically improved dual analog sticks and trigger buttons offer an even greater sense of control, while the touch pad opens up endless potential for new gameplay possibilities.

PS4 Review:

PS3 vs. PS4

The gaming industry has advanced drastically since the PS3 was released seven years ago, and the PS4 is the proof of that. From the streamlined look to the more inexpensive price, the PS4 proves that the gaming industry is moving forward at a truly fast pace.

The PS4 is quite a bit smaller than its predecessor, more along the lines of the PS3 Slim version and has a slightly squashed appearance. The inside of the PS4 is a lot different as well, with an 8 core CPU and 8GB’s of zippy GDDR5 RAM features.

Of course, with a new console, you have to have a new controller, and Sony delivers that as well. The new PS4 controller hits the target with a new size, shape and an added share button. The DualShock controller also has a new touch panel interface.


Can you Watch TV without Cable?

It looks like Sony PlayStation is trying to break into the cable market as well. The new PS4 will feature the capability to watch live TV by having a PlayStation account. This will be a subscription television service and will be aimed mostly towards sports and news, which is really all that needs to be watched live, since Netflix and Hulu handles the rest. To really make it without a cable subscription however, PlayStation needs to get a better variety of channels. The rumors are that now that PlayStation has teamed up with Viacom to provide this service on its gaming systems this just might happen soon.

If you want to watch nothing but delayed sports and news on your television, then go for it. If you want live sports I strongly suggest coupling this device with a Mohu Indoor or Outdoor Antenna.

PS4 Price

The PS4 comes with a PlayStation camera, a sharing button, and live broadcasting, plus the chance to play all of the games that you know and love on a much more sophisticated machine. The price on launch is going to be $399 a system, much less than gamers paid for the PS3 on its release over seven years ago.

Are you using a gaming console to stream movies and TV shows? If so do you prefer PlayStation or the Xbox?

Have you purchased or are you planning on purchasing a PS4? What feature gets you most excited about the PS4?

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