How to Watch the NBA Playoffs and Finals Without Cable

Warriors vs Cavaliers without Cable

NBA Playoffs with Sling TV and an OTA Antenna

The NBA Conference Finals are in full swing, and like millions of other Americans I could not be more excited. Making it to the finals are four exceptional teams: The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Golden State Warriors, the Toronto Raptors, and The Oklahoma City Thunder. If you don’t want to spend a single dollar on cable, but you also don’t want to miss a single minute of the action, then I’ve got good news.


Watching the NBA Finals without cable is as simple as 1, 2, 3; and today I’ll show you how. Let’s get started!

NBA Playoffs Without Cable

First things first; if you want to watch the NBA Finals without cable, you’ll need to know what channels they air on first. While the some games were unavailable to cord cutters during the playoffs, I can happily confirm that every single game from here on out is available without cable.

There are three channels that the NBA Finals will air on, and they are: ABC, ESPN, and TNT. Now I know what you’re thinking: “But ESPN and TNT are cable channels!” And they are. But luckily, you still don’t need a cable provider to watch ESPN or TNT. I’ll show you how in just a minute, but first let’s talk about ABC.

OTA Antenna

The easiest way to get ABC is through a simple over-the-air (OTA) antenna. Far more advanced than their rabbit eared ancestors, OTA antennas can give you all of the broadcast channels you know and love (ABC included) in 1080i HD picture for free (minus the cost of the antenna, of course). My favorite OTA antenna brand is Mohu, but feel free to shop around.

DirecTV Now

Some areas can get major broadcast channels like ABC. Sign up for a free trial to see if your location made the cut:

Sling TV

Now let’s talk about ESPN and TNT. There are two ways for you to get these channels: Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

Watch NBA Finals Without a Cable Bill


Sling TV is an online streaming service that lets you live stream dozens of television channels for just $20 a month. You can also add on channels packages for just $5 a piece, bringing us one step closer to the ala carte TV plan we’ve all dreamed of. Best of all; there are no contracts, no commitments, you just pay on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel anytime.

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, Sling TV is a great source for anyone seeking a cable TV alternative.

Now included in the default package of Sling TV are the two channels we’ve been looking for: TNT and ESPN. Better yet, if you don’t have an OTA antenna, you can actually watch ABC on Sling TV for $5 with the Broadcast Extra package. That means you won’t have to go out and buy new equipment (although getting an OTA antenna is ALWAYS a good idea).

Feeling on the fence about Sling TV but still want to watch the NBA Finals? No problem. You can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial of Sling TV here.

PlayStation Vue

If you don’t want to go the Sling TV route, then a perfectly viable option is PlayStation Vue. It works very similar to Sling TV with a couple caveats. At $40 a month, PlayStation Vue is more expensive; but you do get more channels. You also won’t be able to stream ABC, so you’ll still need an antenna in order to catch the final games. Which is a problem for this post. Obviously.

NBA Playoffs TV Schedule

watch the NBA Playoffs without cable

Either way, you’ll still get TNT and ESPN so you can’t go wrong. Now let’s take a look at the schedule:
Watch NBA Finals without Cable

Now that we know where and when to watch the NBA Finals, the only thing left for us to do is sit back and enjoy the game. So who are you pulling for in the finals? Sound off on social media or let us know in the comments below!

NBA Playoffs & Finals on Sling TV

NBA Playoffs & Finals on Sling TV

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