A Cordcutting Guide to Watching Tennis without a Cable Subscription


It’s hard being a cord cutting sports fan, especially when the sport you love isn’t a billion-dollar juggernaut like the NFL or Major League Baseball. For tennis fans, that pill has been especially hard to swallow. Gone are the days when tennis tourneys were routinely broadcasted over-the-air. Instead, most tennis fans have been forced into lengthy contracts with cable companies in order to watch most major tennis events; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Things are rapidly changing in the sports and entertainment world as online streaming continues to change the way we consume media. ESPN and its affiliate networks are finally available to the cord cutting community, CBS is working on bringing live streaming of its NFL broadcasts, and it has never been easier to watch tennis without a cable subscription than it is today.


Watch Tennis Over-the-Air

The only sad part about contemporary tennis is that the only tournament on American broadcast television is the French Open on NBC; which is a shame. Although tennis isn’t really prevalent on network television, I would still encourage you to look into getting an over-the-air antenna anyway.

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You won’t get a lot of tennis, but you will get thousands of hours of free entertainment, and it’s a must for any serious cord cutter.

Watch Tennis Online

Broadcast television notwithstanding, there are some amazing streaming options that will give you more tennis than you can humanly watch. For starters, there’s Sling TV which costs $20 a month and will get you access to ESPN and its affiliate networks. With ESPN you get complete coverage of Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and The Championships.Sling TV

You also get early coverage of the French Open, the US Open, the American ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments, the US Open Series, and the American WTP Premier.

On ESPN 3, which requires no subscription, you can get the ATP World Finals as well as the WTA Tour Championship.

Tennis Channel on DirecTV Now

Maybe the best option on this list is DirecTV Now’s “Just Right” package. For $50 a month you get 120+ Live channels, one of which is the Tennis Channel, and the another is ESPN. Click here to learn more about DirecTV Now, or simply test them out with their 7-Day Free Trial.

Tennis Channel Plus

Tennis Channel PlusFor those that want to crank their love of tennis up a notch, service Tennis Channel Plus (iTunes App link) may be up their alley. For $70 a year, you can stream up to 650 live events and 45 tournaments; the French Open included. Most of the matches you will watch will include lower ranked players, but you never know who might claw their way to the top. Wouldn’t you like to say you were there?

Tennis TV


If Tennis Channel Plus is not enough to wet your appetite, then Tennis TV (iTunes App link) is what you need. As the official streaming service of the ATP World Tour and WTA, Tennis TV airs over 2,000 ATP World Tour and WTA matches a year. You can also watch any match on-demand for up to seven days after it airs. Tennis TV costs $20 a month or $130 a year.

Watch Tennis Online

Click here to see the tournament schedule for Tennis TV

Cord Cutting may not be the easiest cable TV alternative, but that does not mean your options are always limited. In the absence of good OTA coverage; Sling TV, Tennis Channel Plus, and Tennis TV do a remarkable job of filling in the gaps. When it comes to watching professional tennis, cord cutting is clearly the superior option.