How to Watch 2018 NASCAR Without Cable

Love NASCAR but Hate Your Cable Bill?

Speed, action, drama, triumph, and heartbreak. No, we are not talking about the latest Hollywood suspense film. We are talking about one of America’s all-time favorite sports: NASCAR.

As much of the world may already know, NASCAR is a series of competitive races that take place between many individuals driving in stock cars at insane and dangerous speeds. The thrill of seeing fast cars and the inevitable dangers that come with this intense sport is what has kept generations of viewers glued to their televisions every year.

In the coming weeks, some of the biggest races in NASCAR are hitting the airwaves. In this article, we will be looking into some of the events as well as how to watch them on over-the-air antennas for free as well as some other interesting viewing options.

NASCAR TV Schedule

Xfinity Series: The Xfinity Series of NASCAR races is the one to watch if you are looking to see the NASCAR stars of tomorrow in action. These races showcase new, up-and-coming talent in a hope to seek out the best prospects of NASCAR’s future.

These races include notable contest such as the Pocono Green 250, Iowa 250, and the Coca-Cola Firecracker 250 and have had some of the greatest moments in NASCAR history. While this series of races has already started, you will still have the opportunity to watch some of the upcoming contest, with the Pocono Green 250 airing on FOX Sports at 1 PM EST on June  2, and LTi Printing 250 hitting the air at 130 PM EST on the FOX network June 9.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series: This series of races is where the big boys (and girls!) come to play, as the Monster Energy Cup is the top prize in the sport of NASCAR.  As such, all the big names that you have come to recognize will have their hands on the wheel in the hopes of placing first in this series of races.

Formally known as the Winston Cup, The Monster Energy Series includes many of the top races in the sport. This includes the well-known Daytona 500, the STP 500, and many others that fans may have heard about.

The next major race in the Monster Cup Series is the Pocono 400, airing on FOX Sports at 2 PM EST June 3rd, followed by the FireKeepers Casino 400 June 10th on FOX at 2 PM EST.

How to Watch NASCAR OTA

Great news for those who have decided to get rid of cable, you don’t need cable to watch NASCAR. In fact, you don’t need a subscription to any streaming or television service at all! All you need is the affordable cost of an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to view all the NASCAR action.

OTA antennas include many of the local channels that you may have grown up on with a few additional channels thrown in depending on where you live. With the majority of the races on both the Monster Energy Cup and the Xfinity Series being aired on local channels such as FOX, most people will be able to watch these races for free with the use of their antenna.

While some people may be wary of the quality that they will get viewing NASCAR OTA, many of today’s modern antennas present channels in clear full-HD picture, all but eliminating that issue. And with the money that you are likely to save by not paying for a cable subscription, you may even be able to make it to the track yourself and sit among other die-hard NASCAR fans.

Streaming NASCAR

While not always cheap, there are some alternatives to watching NASCAR available that are more affordable than cable.

DirecTV Now

One such method is DirecTV Now. This service may be brought to you by cable juggernauts DirecTV, but there is no cable subscription required. Instead, for a fraction of the cable fee at $35 a month, you can stream channels that include NASCAR onto many streaming and mobile devices, including FOX Sports or local channels.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another service that includes sports channels that include NASCAR programming, including NBCU and FOX Sports, and does so at the same price as DirecTV Now. The drawback for Playstation Vue, however, is that it lacks local channels and also is only available on a limited number of devices.



A last, a fairly new option that is taking the streaming market by storm is Fubo TV (free trial). This streaming service is made for sports lovers with the majority of its channel packages being aimed at sports fans, making this a great choice for NASCAR fans. Our fuboTV review has more info on this streaming service.


Final Lap

With enough options available to make your head spin as fast as the cars on the track, NASCAR fans can now enjoy their favorite sport without ever having to install a cable box! Boogity Boogity Boogity!