Entertain & Educate with Streaming Video

Children Programing

No one wants to stick their kid in front of the television all day, but sometimes parents just need a break – and there is no easier way to get that break than letting your child tune out to their favorite show. The trick is to make sure that what they are watching provides educational value.

This becomes tough with standard cable or satellite because people often find themselves simply flipping through channels until they find something that will keep their child entertained. However, keeping your kid entertained should never be your sole priority. You need to find programs that actually promote the ideals, attitudes, and behaviors that you feel would benefit your child’s growth.

NetflixWith Netflix’s Watch Instantly video on demand streaming service (via your Netflix Queue), you get access to a huge library of children’s content. This library is searchable and categorized into sections such as Age Range (Ages 0-2, 2–4, and on…), Book Characters, Dinosaurs, Education, Family Comedy, Shows from Nickelodeon, etc… And with the Education section, you can hone in on those programs that will best benefit your child. Search and navigate, add to your queue, and never again worry about the content that child is viewing.

Top Education Cartoons (for Toddlers) all of which are available through Netflix’s Watch Instantly Service :

  • Dora the Explorer – Episodes Available: 90
  • Go Diego Go – Episodes Available: 60
  • Caillou Episodes Available: 30
  • Bob the Builder – Episodes Available: 35
  • Sid the Science Kid – Episodes Available: 13
  • LeapFrog  – Episodes Available: 5
  • Sesame Street – Episodes Available: 85
  • Dinosaur Train – Episodes Available: 24
  • Blue’s Clues – Episodes Available: 130
  • Word World – Episodes Available: 45
  • Wonder Pets – Episodes Available: 51

I certainly do not recommend using TV as a babysitter (TV babysitter), but there are times when this form of entertainment can be a lifesaver as well as something fun for your child.  Also check out Parents TV (parents television council) to see  how they are educating parents about television content.

For the above reason I highly recommend giving Netflix a try.

One more reason to Cancel Cable.

Helen Back