Disney Plus Has Passed 41 Million Subscribers

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To say Disney Plus started off sprinting straight out of the gate would be a huge understatement. While many predicted the success of the service, few could have foreseen just how well it would do. Case in point: not only was Disney Plus the top trending search on Google last year, but it was the most downloaded app of all in the final quarter.

In fact, the service passed 10 million subscribers in its very first day!

Now, new information has come out, saying that Disney Plus broke the 41 million mark. That’s in only two months. To put that into perspective, Netflix currently has a bit over 60 million subscribers nationwide. In only two months, Disney Plus is almost as big domestically.

Of course, Disney isn’t content taking over the United States – it plans on launching worldwide, the same as Netflix. In fact, the company recently announced that Disney Plus will launch in Europe on March 24.

At only $7 a month, Disney Plus is a hard value to beat. And when you consider you can combine it with ESPN+ and Hulu for only $13 in the Disney Plus bundle, it’s clear Disney has a lot to offer – perhaps more than Netflix can handle. And the new addition of Disney subscription gift cards at Christmas probably helped bump growth as well.

Disney also made a deal with Verizon, giving Verizon subscribers a free year of Disney Plus subscription. That deal is good for those with Fios Home, 5G Home internet, or Unlimited plans. After the year is up, Disney will start charging the subscribers the $7 per month.

Will Disney take out Netflix? Who knows? It’s more likely that while the service may take a bite out of the long reigning streaming champion, that both services will dominate side by side. As cord cutting grows, streaming is not a zero-sum game and there’s room at the table for both, if not more.

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