Mohu Curve 30 Review

As more and more TV viewers are looking to save money by “cutting the cable,” the antenna is once again becoming popular among homeowners.

Mohu Curve 30

When it comes to indoor antennas, most of us often imagine those bulky “rabbit ears” from our parents’ generation that never gave the best reception. But, times have changed. Mohu’s engineers have come up with a new indoor HDTV antenna – Curve 30 (with a 30-mile reception range) which has a modern look to it and adds to your décor.

Place this antenna on a tabletop or shelf and it will bring a touch of modern look to your home or apartment while giving you free access to your favorite TV shows.

The Curve 30 takes the antenna design to a whole new level with its clean and sophisticated arched structure. TV viewers who want to have an access to high-definition TV programming from local channels but also desire a unique, modern look to their home or apartment can place Mohu’s Curve 30 antenna on their shelf or table and enjoy the TV viewing experience like never before. If you live within 30 miles to a broadcast tower, simply plug-in Curve 30 and you will have access to TV broadcast channels in full 1080 HDTV.


The Curve 30 is available for about $50 and comes with an installation booklet. It includes a 10-ft coaxial cable along with 75-ohm F connectors. The antenna can be placed horizontally or vertically and can even be wall-mounted. Its front is plain, thin and curvy with a white plastic. The length of this antenna is about 11.5″ long X 8.25″ tall X 2″ deep with the stand attached.

Simply connect Curve 30 to your TV and perform a channel scan to see which stations are being received.

Key Features

  • Clear picture in full 1080
  • 30 mile range
  • Thin, curvy design
  • Includes 10 ft. coaxial cable and stand
  • Easy installation: horizontal, vertical or mount on wall
  • Requires a TV with built-in or set-top digital tuner

So, if you are looking for a way to cut out your cable bills in a stylish way, get Mohu Curve 30 installed in your home today.

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Are you paying for Cable or Dish TV and are still not convinced? If so, what questions do you have?

And if you have made the leap, how has your Cable and Dish free life effected your bank book? And do you find alternatives like an antenna a legitimate option for someone looking to cut costs?

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