Change is Good and CBS All Access is Change

How to Watch CBS without Cable

Is CBS All Access right for you? Maybe. Is it another step in the right direction? cbs-logoYES!

The last six months have been a roller-coaster ride for the cord cutting community. HBO announced it would unbundle from cable, so did Showtime, and everyone was rocked at the announcement of Sling TV at Consumer Electronics Show this year. With all the fuss that’s been made, it has been really easy to not notice that CBS also announced its very own streaming service; and unlike HBO, it’s already on the market.

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Watch CBS without Cable

They also offer a 7-day free trial, for anyone who just wants to test out the service. (Details about a free month of service are below)

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CBS All Access Cost

For $6 a month the streaming service, dubbed CBS All Access will give users access to current and past seasons of Prime Time shows as well as CBS’s older shows like Star Trek and Taxi. Newer content, like NCIS, will play ads; and the older content, like Taxi, will be ad-free.

To many, this might not seem like interesting news; you can already get it for free with an antenna. While that may be true, CBS’s transition away from cable and into the cord cutting realm is interesting news in and of itself.

Update: CBS All Access launched a year ago! To celebrate, new subscribers will get one month free! New CBS All Access subscribers will be able to stream hit shows like The Big Bang Theory and NCIS free for one month using the promo code BDAY1. This offer starts immediately and is good through October 23rd 2015.

CBS Sports Live Stream

For years, broadcast television has staved off death and stagnation by making bundling agreements with cable; NBC was even purchased by Comcast. This deal with the devil may have delayed the inevitable for some networks, but for consumers it was a match made in hell.0407_cbs

Take for example NBC Sports. Although NFL games air on NBC, broadcasted over-the-air for free, you cannot stream the games online from Instead, you have to have a cable subscription in order to access NBC Sports and then you can stream NFL games.


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Cable vs Network

The more you examine the relationship between network and cable television, the more you start to see this kind of behavior. This business practice may make sense to someone in a business suit; but to millions of Americans, that just seems like an underhanded way to keep people stuck with cable.

CBS All Access represents a shift towards a more free media market. CBS All Access will actually stream live sporting events; and while they currently do not support the streaming of NFL games, the company is in talks to make that happen.cbsservice_ipad__twocolumncontent

New episodes of your favorite TV shows will be available to stream the day after it airs.

Stream CBS

How to Watch CBS without Cable: It may be true that you can get most CBS content through other avenues, but that is not the point of this service. With networks like NBC, you don’t get a choice in what you want to watch. You either pay the cable company for a small selection of network shows or you use an antenna and watch whatever’s on.

CBS Supported Devices

watch CBS without Cable

Oct. 20, 2015 Press Release – “CBS Corporation today announced the launch of CBS All Access, the CBS Television Network’s digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, on Apple TV”

CBS All Access may not be a true cable TV alternative, but it was never meant to be. Maybe you’re in college and you want to stream March Madness; maybe you have Sling TV and you miss network television; or maybe this is just how you want to watch television.

What is CBS All Access

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The reasons do not matter, what matters is that finally have a choice in how you consume your media; and all things considered, that’s not too bad.

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