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Build Your Own DIY OTA DVR

Using a TV Tuner Card to build a PC based DIY OTA DVR for Recording Free TV

You can use your home computer to capture and record free TV using an Over-the-Air Antenna!

Since 2009, United States tTV Tuner Card - USBelevision programs have been broadcast Over-the-Air (OTA) exclusively in digital format. This means that HD signal is available for free in many locations using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. Goodbye snowy picture!

If you’re already using a digital antenna to watch local programming, and you currently use a PC to stream video to your TV, you may be interested in purchasing a TV tuner card.

What’s a TV tuner card, you ask? Well, a tuner card is a peripheral that can be easily added to nearly any home computer to record free broadcast TV directly to your device. That’s right! You’ll be able to pause, rewind or fast forward your local programming exactly the way you would with an expensive cable or satellite box, without any of those pesky monthly expenses!

Did someone say it’s Football Season?

Record your favorite NFL games and watch them on your own time, and or commercial free. With a setup like this you can not only get Sunday and Thursday Football for free in HD, but you can watch a standard 3 hour game in an hour and a half. Learn more about watching NFL for free in HD

How to choose the right Tuner Card for Your DIY OTA DVR

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Could Amazon Fire TV be used as a Cable TV Alternative?

Does Amazon Fire TV Replace Cable?

Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick offer an unparalleled video streaming experience and are often used by those getting rid of cable. Quickly becoming the hottest streaming box and stick on the market, many have a lot of questions about Amazon’s streaming devices — such as, does Amazon Fire replace cable? Get answers below!

Fubo TV Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV Recast and the Fire TV Stick are two of the most impressive streaming players on the market today. These video streaming players are Internet-connected devices that let you watch video from services via an internet connection, on your TV.

Definition of a Complete Cable TV Alternative

Before we start dissecting Amazon Fire TV Recast and Stick, let’s talk about what a cable TV alternative is, and or should be.

The greatest weapon in a cord cutter’s arsenal is a video streaming device. For those of you that don’t know;  a video streaming device enables you to watch video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO on your TV. Think of a streaming device as the replacement for your cable box.

A Video Streaming box (media set-top box) that aims to be a complete cable TV alternative, should provide:

  1. STREAMING SERVICES – Access to video content from sources as possible. The more options you have, the better chance you have of taking advantage of low prices and new content.
  2. USER INTERFACE – A user-friendly interface for easy searching and navigation. Jumping from show to show or movie to movie, should be as easy as changing channels on a standard Cable TV remote control.
  3. OTA INTEGRATION – Most importantly, and notably ignored by most, a set-top box with this goal integrate broadcast TV into their interface and offer a way to record it via a DVR.

In short, you need a solution that can act as the foundation in which you build upon with streaming services and access to free broadcast television. Let’s look at Amazon’s Fire TV video streamer and see how it matches up to these requirements.

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Channel Master Stream+ Review: Is the CM-7600 Worth It?

The Channel Master Stream+ (CM-7600) combines a streaming media player with an OTA DVR, presenting a unique, all-in-one product that’s perfect for cord cutters. But how does it perform? And is it worth the money? Read our Channel Master Stream+ review to find out.


A Little Background

It’s no secret that cable companies have a stranglehold on consumers. Expensive bills burn a hole in the pocket while little choice only adds to the frustration. As most of us are aware, pricey cable TV packages bundle tons of channels most consumers only ever flick through while channel surfing. This has led many consumers searching for a cheaper, more cost-effective way to watch their favorite TV programming.

For most, this has led them to consider “cutting the cord”. Unfortunately, ditching your cable provider means that you’re going to have to say goodbye to some of the modern conveniences you’ve become accustomed to, namely your DVR and channel guide. The channel guide is something that most consumers take for granted. The live listing of everything that is on every channel makes finding what you want to watch a breeze. In addition, the DVR function allows you to record live TV so that you can watch it later. Saying goodbye to either is a pretty big blow to TV enjoyment.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with price gouging cable companies to keep your channel guide and DVR functionality. Cord cutters rejoice, there are several third-party DVRs and channel guides that don’t require a cable TV subscription.


What is the Channel Master Stream+?

One of the most interesting and affordable DVRs on the market is the Stream+ (CM-7600) from Channel Master. Unlike most of the DVRs on the market, the Stream+ requires no monthly subscription fee. Additionally, the Stream+ features an integrated channel guide, so you don’t have to flick through the channels to see what’s on.

These two features alone are often enough to pique the interest of cord cutters, but the Stream+ has one more trick up it’s sleeve. The Channel Master Stream+ is also a streaming video player powered by Android.


Channel Master Stream+ Cost

With the Stream+, you get two great products in one — a streaming media player and an OTA DVR. So, how much does the Channel Master Stream+ cost?

Consumers get all that functionality for only $149. This makes the CM-7600 Stream+ not only one of the most affordable third-party DVRs on the market, but one of the most versatile as well.


Channel Master Stream+ DVR Functionality

The Channel Master Stream+ works with any antenna, making installation super easy.

When it comes to recording television programming, the Channel Master Stream+ (CM-7600) is simple and intuitive. The Stream+ also allows users to schedule their recordings via the channel guide. Users can schedule single recordings or an entire series. Furthermore, users can watch one show will recording another and even record two shows simultaneously!

Unlike many DVRs on the market, the Stream+ relies on an external hard drive to store recorded TV shows. Other DVRs often use either a built-in hard drive or cloud storage.

The problem with built-in storage is that it can fill up quickly. High definition over-the-air broadcasts chew up a ton of storage space and having to delete stuff in order to make room for new recordings can be frustrating.

Cloud storage often succumbs to the same problem; however, it has the added disadvantage of requiring an Internet connection to use. This means that if your Internet cuts out or you live in an area with a slow or spotty connection, you can have issues watching your recorded content.

With the Stream+, uses can simply plug in their own external hard drive, making upgrading to larger storage virtually hassle-free. In addition, because all of your recordings are stored locally on the drive, you don’t need an active Internet connection in order to watch or record your favorite OTA programming.


Channel Guide

In addition to being able to record all your favorite programming, the Stream+ also feature a comprehensive channel guide at no additional charge. When you consider that many third-party DVRs charge a monthly subscription fee for their channel guides, the Stream+ offers exceptional value for money.

In addition, the channel guide of the Stream+ offers programming information for two whole weeks! That’s fourteen days of channel info, meaning you can see what’s on well in advance and schedule your recordings way ahead of time.


Integrated Streaming Apps

The Channel Master Stream+ also allows users to connect to streaming media apps. The Android-based player can connect to the Google Play Store, meaning that you can download all of the apps that you use to stream media from YouTube to Netflix to Hulu and many, many more.

As an added bonus, the Stream+ organizes all of your OTA channels and streaming services into one intuitive interface. This means that users won’t have to flick back and forth between pages or tabs in order to access all their available services and channels.



The Stream+ from Channel Master is a great option for cord cutters who can’t do without a channel guide or a DVR. At $149 the Stream+ won’t break the bank but it offers features that usually only come with a cable TV subscription. Furthermore, the Stream+ enables users to provide their own external hard drive, allowing for easy storage space expansion.

The Stream+ packs a lot into a relatively affordable package. Given the fact that the channel guide is 100% free and the DVR feature is flexible, the Stream+ belongs in any cord cutters living room.

What is AirTV? Review & FAQ

The bloated TV packages peddled by the cable companies are so expensive, it seems like you need to take out a second mortgage on your house just to pay your cable bill. It comes as no surprise that many people are interested in cutting their cable bill. But how?

The good news is there are easy ways to get rid of cable TV.

One of the most popular ways to ditch the ballooning cable bill is to subscribe to various streaming services. One such service, Sling TV has proven to be particularly popular, due to its wide live channel offering. Sling TV is a live streaming service that lets you access many of the most popular pay TV channels (think ESPN, HGTV, AMC, CNN, etc.) at a low price, with no contract (like Netflix), and best of all, without cable. Check out our Sling TV review for the full rundown on this service.

While the flexibility of choosing different channels and pricing tiers with Sling TV is impressive, there is one huge gap that could give you pause; limited selection of local channels.

Fortunately, Sling TV has a solution: AirTV.

What is AirTV? It’s a device that picks up over-the-air television broadcasts from your antenna and streams them to your streaming devices via the Internet, fully integrated into the Sling TV interface.

Read on for our full AirTV review!


How Does AirTV Work?

AirTV is a small rectangular box that works with your existing over-the-air (OTA) antenna, like the Mohu Leaf or any other antenna of your choosing. The channels you pick up with your antenna are then integrated into your Sling TV interface, allowing you to watch them anywhere you can watch Sling TV (e.g. Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, computers, smart TVs, etc.)

Setting up the AirTV is very easy — users simply connect their antenna’s coaxial cable into the back of the box and that’s pretty much it.

If you’re already using an OTA antenna to watch your local channels, you might be wondering why the AirTV is necessary. AirTV adds two functions that, once you start using them, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever watched TV without them.


AirTV and Wireless OTA Transmission

In most cases, folks who watch their local TV broadcasts do so via an antenna. Popular OTA antennas like the Mohu Leaf are unobtrusive and super affordable, making them an easy way to watch local broadcasts from channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and more. The downside to OTA TV is the fact that you can only watch that content on whichever TV your antenna is hooked up to.

In the past, the only way to get around this would be to buy an antenna for each TV in your house or split the antenna cable to the various TVs in your house. Buying multiple antennas is costly and splitting your antenna signal can result in poorer resolution, not to mention the hassle of running coaxial cable all over your house.

Fortunately, AirTV solves this problem. AirTV uses your existing Wi-Fi to transmit your antenna’s OTA signal to other devices like your mobile phone or tablet. With AirTV users can stream OTA channels to two different devices at once. In addition, AirTV allows users to stream OTA content to their devices even when they’re out of the house. This means that you can use a mobile Internet connection to watch all of your local stations anytime, anywhere.


AirTV and Sling TV Integration

AirTV can be used as a standalone device, however where it really shines is through integration with Sling TV. Both Sling TV and AirTV are subsidiaries of the Dish Network, so it makes sense that these two products are designed to complement each other. AirTV picks up your local OTA television broadcasts and adds them into your Sling TV channel subscriptions. This makes all of your content available in the same spot, as opposed to flicking back and forth between Sling TV and the antenna input of your TV.

Getting this set-up is very straightforward. Download the AirTV app on your iOS or Android device and connect your AirTV unit to your Wi-Fi. Then, sync it with your account in the Sling TV app. The AirTV device will then scan for available OTA channels. How many channels it picks up will vary, as there are a number of factors that contribute to channel availability, including where you are located and antenna placement. Once AirTV identifies all of the available channels, it then automatically adds them to your Sling TV channel list.


AirTV Limitations

One of the biggest downsides you’ll see mentioned in  AirTV reviews is the lack of built-in storage for recording shows.

While AirTV does have a DVR function, it requires users to provide their own hard drive for storage. If you don’t already have a hard drive, this can add to the overall cost to your home entertainment setup. Furthermore, the addition to yet another small box with another cable can be less than appealing from an aesthetic standpoint.

In a somewhat nitpicky complaint, the Sling TV app does not allow you to reorder how your channels appear in your channel list. This means that all of the channels added by AirTV will appear at the end of your channel lineup. In a more traditional television set-up, local channels would appear first. It’s a small complaint, and most users would probably get used to this fairly quickly, but it’s worth noting.


How Much Does AirTV Cost?

Sling TV is not charging you extra for the ability to stream live OTA television through their app, but you do have to pay for the actual AirTV device. Thankfully, Sling TV has some special offers available that really sweeten the deal.

The best way to buy AirTV is through Sling TV’s website because they have an offer going right now where you can get the device for just $50 when you prepay for 3 months of Sling TV service. If you paid for the two separately, that would run you close to $200, so you’ll save a good amount. This is a great way to save a little cash when getting this device, while also taking care of a few months of Sling TV’s streaming service.



AirTV is designed to work seamlessly with the Sling TV app, and it does. Set-up is simple and easy, allowing users to pull their OTA channels into the Sling TV app to create a comprehensive channel list. This makes for a viewing experience very similar to that of traditional cable. All of your channels in one place, without having to flick between various apps.

In addition, AirTV allows you to stream OTA content to other devices via Wi-Fi. This even allows you to access your local television programming on the go. The biggest omission on the AirTV is the lack of built-in storage for the DVR function. However, with the addition of a hard drive, you won’t have to rush home to catch the big game or sit through commercials.

Overall, AirTV is a great addition for those with a Sling TV subscription. The integration of live local channels into the Sling TV app makes TV watching much more convenient. It’s safe to say that Sling TV combined with AirTV is one of the best options available for those who want to cut the cord and say goodbye to the high cost of cable.


What is Roku?

Roku Explained: Supports Netflix, DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling TV and More

What is RokuIf you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord or just want to be able to stream Netflix and other apps on your TV, you may have heard about a product called Roku. You also may be wondering “What is a Roku?”

Most of us know Roku as a small black box that allows you to instantly stream your favorite TV shows and movies to your TV, but most are unaware of how much content is really available, and that there is now a Roku TV, Roku Stick and new Roku boxes available. Not only can you stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TVDirecTV Now & Amazon Video On Demand (VOD), but you can also stream sports without cable and music from Pandora, iTunes, and MOG.

Roku offers seven types of streaming devices and is widely used by people looking for cost-effective alternatives to Cable Television. Their product suite includes a line of streaming players, a streaming stick, and TVs with built-in Roku streaming technology.

Roku Channels

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What is Sling TV? Review, Channel List, Cost, and More

sling tv review

Gone are the days where cable TV providers were “the only game in town”. Today, we have a variety of options for getting the entertainment we crave. Even when it comes to live TV, there are ways to watch without cable TV. Sling TV is one great option. But what is Sling TV? How does it work? Find out more in our full Sling TV review!


What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an online streaming service that provides access to live TV channels. It’s a viable alternative to cable TV, because it provides a wide variety of TV channels which you can watch live. There’s also a limited on-demand selection to watch.

Sling TV is a paid service, with plans starting at $25 per month. So it’s not free – but it’s definitely cheaper than cable, and the Sling TV cost is competitive with other streaming services. You can choose a base package and then add on extra channels, offered in packs of 5-10+ channels.

Sling TV is the oldest and most-established streaming service of its type. It started back in 2015, and now boasts more than 2.2 million subscribers. Find out more about this service in our full Sling TV review below.


How Sling TV Works

Sling TV works over the internet. You will need to have reliable high-speed internet access in order to use the service. You’ll also need a compatible streaming player, like a Roku or Apple TV. You can also use your smartphone, smart TV or computer. Here are the basics of how Sling TV works:

  1. Sign up here for Sling TV (you can start with a free 7 day trial)
  2. Select your base channel package (23-40+ channels)
  3. Select add-on packages (5-10+ channels for extra $5 a month)
  4. Sign into your account
  5. Start watching LIVE TV on your computer
  6. Sign into Sling TV on other devices
  7. Enjoy live TV streaming on all your favorite devices
  8. You pay month-to-month, and are free to cancel your subscription at any time

It’s that easy! With Sling TV, you can be set up and watching your favorite shows in a matter of minutes. And if it doesn’t work out for you, you can cancel at any time since there is no contract.

Of all the streaming services, Sling offers one of the most customizable channel lineups. You start off with a small (and cheap) base package for $25 per month, and then add on specific types of channels that you like – instead of being forced to buy a larger bundle of channels you may or may not actually watch. This is one of the big perks of a Sling TV membership.


Sling TV Technical Features

What is Sling TV offering in terms of technical features?

Streaming quality – full HD 1080p. Streaming quality will depend on your internet speeds.

Frames per second – some channels offer 60fps, while most are covered at 30fps (this video demonstrates the difference between 30fps and 60fps).

Device compatibility – works on most devices. Sling TV devices include Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS mobile devices, computers, AirTV, Xiaomi Mi, select LG and Samsung smart TVs, and Xbox One.

DVR recording – a cloud DVR feature is available, but it costs extra. Currently, it’s $5 a month and comes with 50 hours of recording storage.

Simultaneous streaming – varies depending on your package. Sling Orange offers only 1 stream, while Sling Blue has 3 simultaneous streams.


Sling TV Channel Lineup

The Sling TV channels list will depend on which package you choose. There are several different options, as outlined below.

Base Packages

Sling Orange – includes 30+ networks for $25/mo. Channels include ESPN, AMC, CNN, Cheddar, HGTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, History, Disney Channel, ESPN2, ESPN3, TNT, ACC Network Extra, Food Network, TBS, BBC America, Freeform, IFC, EPIX Drive-In, Tribeca Shortlist, A&E, Viceland, Lifetime, Travel Channel, AXS.TV, Fuse, Newsy, Cheddar Business, Bloomberg Television, and Local Now.

Sling Blue – includes 40+ networks for $25/mo. Channels include FOX, NBC, FOX Sports, and NBC Sports in select markets, and nationwide coverage of NFL Network, AMC, FX, CNN, Cheddar News, HGTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, History, TNT, Bravo, Food Network, FS1, FS2, NBCSN, TBS, BBC America, FXX, SyFy, NickJr, IFC, EPIX Drive-In, Tribeca Shortlist, A&E, Viceland, TruTV, Lifetime, Travel Channel, AXS.TV, Fuse, BET, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Newsy, Cheddar Business, Bloomberg Television, and Local Now.

Sling Orange + Blue – Includes 45+ networks for $40 per month. This package combines everything in Sling Orange and Sling Blue, for a 20% savings.

Other Channel Packages & Features

In addition to these base packages, Sling also offers a wide variety of add-ons. These can expand your Sling TV channels list with specific types of channels. They can be added onto either base package – however do note that the lineup varies slightly depending on which package you have. These include:

Cloud DVR – $5/mo for ability to record live TV

Cloud DVR – $5/mo – adds the ability to record live TV to watch later. Comes with 50 hours of storage. Costs the same for both base packages.

Hollywood Extra – $5/mo for extra movie channels

Hollywood Extra – $5/mo for Fandor Festival, REELZ, HD Net Movies, Sundance TV, Turner Classic Movies, Cinemoi North America, The Film Detective. Selection and pricing is the same for both base packages.

Heartland Extra – $5/mo for extra outdoors/rural lifestyle channels

Heartland Extra – $5/mo for World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, Ride TV, RFD-TV, PixL, The Cowboy Channel. Selection and pricing is the same for both base packages.

Comedy Extra – $5/mo for more funny channels

Sling Orange + Comedy Extra – $5/mo – adds MTV, TruTV, Paramount Network, MTV2, CMT, Logo, GSN, TV Land, Revolt

Sling Blue + Comedy Extra – $5/mo – adds MTV, Paramount Network, MTV2, CMT, Logo, GSN, TV Land, Revolt

Kids Extra – $5/mo for more kids programming

Sling Orange + Kids Extra – $5/mo – adds Disney Junior, Disney XD, NickJr, NickToons, TeenNick, Boomerang, BabyTV and DuckTV.

Sling Blue + Kids Extra – $5/mo – adds NickToons, TeenNick, Boomerang, BabyTV and DuckTV.

Sports Extra – $5-$10/mo for extra channels to watch sports online

Sling Orange + Sports Extra ($5/mo) – adds NBA TV, SEC Network, SEC Network+, Pac12 Network, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, NHL Network, BeIn Sports, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Bases Loaded, Stadium, Outside TV and

Sling Blue + Sports Extra ($10/mo) – adds NFL RedZone, NBA TV, NHL Network, GOLF, BeIn Sports, Pac12 Network, Stadium, Outside TV, Olympic Channel and

News Extra – $5/mo for extra news coverage

Sling Orange + News Extra – $5/mo for BBC World News, TheBlaze, HLN, Weather Nation, Fusion, Euronews, News18, RT, CGTN

Sling Blue + News Extra – $5/mo for MSNBC, CNBC, BBC World News, TheBlaze, HLN, Weather Nation, Euronews, France24, News18, NDTV 24×7, RT, CGTN

Lifestyle Extra – $5/mo for extra entertainment channels

Sling Orange + Lifestyle Extra – $5/mo for VH1, BET, Cooking Channel, DIY, FYI, Hallmark Channel, WEtv, Lifetime Movies, Halmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Vibrant TV Network, ZLiving, Afro

Sling Blue + Lifestyle Extra – $5/mo for VH1, E!, Oxygen, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, FYI, Hallmark Channel, WEtv, Lifetime Movies, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Vibrant TV Network, ZLiving, Afro

Premium Channels

Sling TV also offers premium channels. These are available as add-ons to expand your Sling TV channel lineup.

Note: Sling TV usually offers HBO and Cinemax, but recently the channels have become unavailable due to a contract dispute. We’ll update this guide if they become available again.

Starz – $9 per month

Showtime – $10 per month

EPIX – $5 per month

CuriosityStream – $3 per month

Docurama – $5 per month

Grokker – $7 per month

Here TV – $8 per month

CONtv – $5 per month

UP Faith & Family – $5 per month

PANTAYA – $6 per month

Outside TV Features – $5 per month

Dove Channel – $5 per month

Stingray Karaoke – $7 per month

NBA League Pass – $29/mo for entire league, $18/mo for 1 team

In addition, Sling also offers some international packages, including a package of Spanish-language channels.


Sling TV Cost

The Sling TV price depends on the package you select. Prices are detailed in full above, but here’s a recap:

Sling Orange – $25/mo, no contract

Sling Blue – $25/mo, no contract

Sling Orange + Blue – $40/mo, no contract

Add on packages – $5/mo, no contract (Sports Extra is $10/mo, the rest are $5).

Premium channels – $3-$15/mo, no contract. See full list above.

Overall, Sling TV pricing is quite competitive. Most similar services run $40/mo or more, so Sling TV’s base package at $25/mo is great. It’s an even better deal when compared to cable TV, which runs on average $100+/mo and growing rapidly.


Sling TV Pros & Cons

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a streaming service. What is Sling TV offering compared to the competition? Here’s a wrap up:


  • Very affordable starting packages
  • Easy to customize channel lineup
  • No contract
  • Huge number of channels available
  • Good coverage of sports (NFL – including some NFL Playoffs streams, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc.), news, and entertainment
  • Works on almost all devices
  • The most popular live streaming service (and the oldest)
  • Free 7 day trial available


  • Bad coverage of local channels like NBC and FOX (only covered in a handful of areas)
  • Cloud DVR costs extra
  • Missing a few popular channels, like FOX News

Overall, third-party Sling TV reviews are positive. The most common complaints are often about poor customer service. Do keep in mind that this service has changed a lot over the years. If you’re reading a Sling TV review, make sure it’s been updated recently, otherwise it’s likely out of date!


Is Sling TV Worth It?

Sling TV is a great service overall. It’s the largest and oldest live streaming service, with a customer base of more than 2 million people.

We mostly recommend Sling TV for folks who want to customize their channel lineup. Most competing services only sell large bundles, forcing you into a bundle of networks you might not actually want. Sling makes it easier to select channels that you’ll actually enjoy.

Sling is also one of the most budget-friendly streaming platforms. Most services start at $40/mo, while Sling comes in at $25/mo. With that said, once you start adding more channels, the price can quickly rise.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. What is Sling TV offering that suits your needs, wants and budget? Consider the pros and cons.

If you’re on the fence, do remember that Sling TV offers a free 7 day trial for new customers. And since it’s non-contract, you can cancel any time.

Thanks for reading our Sling TV review! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to help!

Cut the Cord but Keep your Fantasy Football Team

How to win your Fantasy Football League Without an Expensive Cable TV Bill

When it comes to the world of football, there are football fans and then there are fantasy football fans. For those of you unfamiliar, fantasy football is essentially a game within a game where fans make virtual rosters of real NFL players and pit them off against other teams using stats from each week of NFL play.

It’s an incredibly addictive way to watch sports; and when you’re in a league of your own, missing a week is simply not an option. If you love fantasy football, but you need a way to cut costs, keep reading because you have come to the right place. 

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TiVo Bolt Review

Falling in Love with TiVo Bolt’s Slick Features and Elegant Design

TiVo Bolt ReviewTiVo’s top tier iteration to the OTA DVR Streaming Box brings together your OTA signal, DVR and all your streaming options via a single smooth interface. No need to switch from device to device in order to find the show you want to watch.

One of the most valuable assets in a cord cutters toolbox is the OTA DVR. A drawback to over-the-air (OTA) television is that if you miss a show, you miss the show; but DVR’s help restore that balance by helping you record everything. For many cord cutters, the DVR is the bow they use to tie off their cord cutting experience; so making the right choice is always critical.

Most recently, DVR giant TiVo unveiled their next generation of home DVRs, dubbed the Bolt. The Bolt is a product upgrade on their existing, yet similar product, the TiVo Roamio. This latest iteration of the companies home DVR is meant to provide an all in one entertainment experience, replacing all other streaming devices and cable boxes in your home.

TiVo Bolt Features

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