Can’t Miss Amazon Original Series … Part I

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Online-Original TV Shows are Gaining Ground and Amazon Originals is at the Forefront

Amazon Original SeriesThe online streaming world has started to look like an arms race as service providers rush to acquire new titles as well as churn out original content of their own.

To me, this is one of the most exciting developments to come out of the Cord Cutting Revolution. Streaming giants not only look to compete with Cable TV providers, but also with Premium Channels like HBO and Showtime. Competition in this space means higher quality shows, at a lower cost point.

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For the most part, Netflix has been leading the way with their long list of high-quality Netflix Originals, like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. But nipping at their heels is the streaming giant, Amazon. Amazon has been making huge in-roads in the streaming market with Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, and now with original content of their own. 

Today we’re going to take a look at some the Top Amazon-produced Titles on Amazon Prime, as well as a couple set to premiere in the coming months. Let’s get started!

The Man in the High Castle

@HighCastleTV – Probably one of the most anticipated shows of the year, The Man in the High Castle is a high-concept show about one of the biggest historical what-ifs ever: What if the Nazis won World War Two?The Man in High Castle

Based off of a novel written by Phillip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle takes that concept and runs with it. The United States is occupied by Germany and Japan, there are swastikas everywhere, and the American people are chaffing under Nazi rule. Will freedom ring again once more? You can watch the pilot episode on Amazon for free!


@transparent_tv – Transparent is your everyday story of blossoming femininity, with the small exception that the blossoming woman is a father of three played by Jeffrey Tambor.  As Mort struggles to become Maura, more secrets are revealed and a dysfunctional family becomes even more frayed at the seams. It sounds serious, but surprisingly it’s a great laugh that’s won its share of awards; including several Golden Globes.Transparent

Check out episode #1 for free on Amazon!

The Grand Tour

@thegrandtour – When a spat with producer found Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson without a job; many had feared Top Gear as we know it was over. Soon thereafter our fears were further confirmed when James May and Richard Hammond also departed the hit show.The Grand Tour

But like a phoenix from the ashes, the guys behind Top Gear are back with a yet unnamed Amazon show slated for released in 2016. Rumored was it  would be called “Gear Knobs”, but now we know they went with “The Grand Tour”. Expect all the elements from Top Gear that you’ve grown to love; because, well, it’s basically going to be the same show.

Alpha House

@AlphaHouse – Netflix has its own political show, so of course, Amazon has to have one. Instead of the silky smooth Kevin Spacey we get the big and brash John Goodman. The basic show centers around four Republicans that share a house on Capitol Hill and the hilarious antics that ensue.alpha-house

If you like politics but are looking for something a little more light-hearted, Alpha House just might be the political satire you’re looking for. Watch the first episode on Amazon for free!

Netflix may rule the roost with online streaming, but Amazon is slowly catching up. The online giant has been working hard in building up its original content library; and between the accolades Transparent has received and the hype surrounding Man in the High Castle, it looks like that hard work is paying off.

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