Lowering monthly bills has been one of the main drivers behind more and more households cutting the cable for good and adopting streaming video. In fact, monthly subscription cost is one of the most important considerations consumers make when comparing streaming services. In news that should be no surprise to many cable cutters, a new report published by DescisionData.org claims that in U.S. households, the average monthly cable bill now exceeds all other monthly utility bills combined. How much longer can cable last?

The full report published by DecisionData claims that the average cable package now costs around $217.42 per month per her household. All of the other most common utility bills – electricity, gas, water, sewage, and waste removal – add up to just $202.50 on average. Perhaps most telling of all, the report also found that the monthly cost of the average household cable package continues to rise each year. 

One of the reasons why the average cable bill is higher than all other average bills combined is the fact that cable subscription costs do not scale with the size of a house. That is, larger houses use much more electricity and water, but the cost of their cable bill is the same as any other sized house. For smaller houses, this means that the average cable bill makes up a much larger portion of overall utility costs.

Data collected by some of the nation’s leading research firms like Neilsen have found that cable cutters don’t mind ads as long as streaming services’ monthly costs remain low. With the cost of cable ever rising, there’s never been a better time to choose a streaming service or pick up an HD antenna. There explosion of streaming video and streaming live television has made exorbitant cable bills obsolete. Why is anyone still paying for cable?