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Media center PCs have become more popular in the last few years. With the rising cost of satellite and cable TV packages, it only makes sense for users to integrate computers into their setup. Now more than ever, it’s cost-effective for users to switch to a media center PC and still watch the shows they love. There are a few media center apps on both Android and iOS that make this easier than ever.


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Xbox Media Center

XBMC Media Center (Xbox Media Center) is one of the most popular solutions for media center computer users. The experience of using XBMX is made considerably simpler with the use of a remote app. Team-XBMC has brought an official, full-featured app named XBMX Remote to the Google Play store. It can install on any Android device and features the controls a user would expect, as well as library browsing.

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XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

A similar solution, sharing the same name of XBMC Remote, exists on the iOS App Store. It is made by a different developer, but does offer basic remote features. Despite the fact that it isn’t as feature-laden as its Android brethren, the presence of apps on either platform means that it’s easy for owners of any smartphone to get rid of cable or satellite and keep the shows they love without sacrificing convenience.

XBMC Remote

Boxee Remote

Boxee is another popular platform for owners of media center computers. The service features a custom platform and interface that makes using the service as easy to use as possible. A few apps exist on both Android and iOS to simplify the process.

An official app for iOS, simply titled Boxee Remote, turns users’ iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for the Boxee service. It simply connects over a local network to a person’s Boxee setup, and then allows for remote control of Boxee without the need for external hardware. For users who don’t have a Boxee box or just want an extra remote, this is a terrific app. Although there is no official support for Android yet, a number of third-party solutions have shown up in the Google Play store. Boxee Wi-Fi Remote by Sunii Sadasivan is likely the most popular. It has a clean interface and is very reliable.

Boxee Remote iPhone

Boxee for Ipad

Even though the Boxee app for iPhone is impressive in its own right, it still pales in comparison to Boxee for iPad, the iPad’s own unique Boxee app. While the iPhone app is limited in its function to acting as a remote control, Boxee for iPad takes the tablet and turns it into another portal for users to access their media center computer. Videos can be streamed from the computer to the iPad at the press of a button. This includes streaming sources such as YouTube, but also extends to a user’s stored video collection.

The coolest part of Boxee for iPad might actually be in its ability to switch screens. Users of the the app can start watching a video on their iPad and switch to their TV at the press of a button. This function does require a Boxee box, but for users who have one it’s an indispensable feature. Being able to switch screens seamlessly means no more arguing over the television. (Boxee vs Roku)

Cut the Cord

All of these apps, combined with a media center computer and the best mobile broadband deals, help to make content more accessible. In the past, consumers who wanted to watch all the video that they wanted were forced to choose between paying a lot for satellite or cable TV or dealing with complicated computer-to-TV connections. These types of connections weren’t just complicated, but they were also complicated. With the apps that are available to turn smartphones and tablets into remotes and streaming centers, it’s now easier than ever to cut the cord.

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