What is Hulu?

A Hulu Plus Review

What is HuluHulu is the Cable TV Alternative you’ve been looking for

Hulu is an online video service that provides on-demand streaming video of television shows, movies and documentaries. As a result, the service is considered a popular Cable TV Alternative, since much of its content comes courtesy of cable and broadcast networks. The service was founded in 2007 as a joint venture of NBCUniversal, Disney-ABC Television Group and Fox Entertainment Group, with Providence Equity Partners holding an equity investment and minority stake.

History has shown that incumbents tend to fight trends that challenge established ways and, in the process, lose focus on what matters most: customers. Hulu is not burdened by that legacy.” – Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO

*** To learn about the recently available Showtime Streaming service through Hulu read “SHOWTIME STREAMING NOW AVAILABLE FOR CORD CUTTERS” 

Whats on Hulu?

The online video service features a wide variety of television shows, movies, webisodes and other media content. Users can find current and back episodes of their favorite television shows such as Jersey Shore, The Office, Family Guy and others. Hulu also features original video productions and classic television shows. Additional content can be found through their premium service – Hulu Plus.

A research firm called One Touch studied Hulu from August 12 to 17 in 2010, and then put together a handy chart showing what you get for your ten bucks a month from ABC, FOX, NBC

How do I watch Hulu?

No software downloads are required to watch Hulu from the desktop or laptop. All that’s needed is a web browser that supports the latest version of Flash and an Internet connection. Those who want to watch streaming video from their gaming consoles, mobile phones, smart TVs or other Internet-capable devices can do so using the premium Hulu Plus app. Supported Devices include: Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Roku, Wii, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Nintendo 3Ds, and on dozens of name brand Blue-Ray Players. (Check out Amazon’s Hulu Supported Devices List

Registration is not required to watch most of the content available on Hulu, but premium features as well as customization is only possible for registered users. Interested users can sign up directly on the Hulu website. After filling out the sign-up form, new users are given the opportunity to upgrade to Hulu’s premium services. The online video service also offers an instant sign-up process using your existing Facebook account.

Hulu Plus, Vudu and Netflix on the PS3 | Hulu and Netflix are the Future of T

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

A standard Hulu subscription is FREE. Hulu’s premium service, known as Hulu Plus, is an ad-supported content subscription service that adds value to existing accounts by offering exclusive access to current and back season shows from NBC, MTV, FOX and other networks. This service is available for a monthly fee of $7.99. Being an ad-supported service, advertisements remain throughout the course of each streamed television show or movie.

How Much does Hulu Cost

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Hulu is a partially ad-supported video streaming service that offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows. Most know Hulu as the place to catch recently aired episodes of their favorite prime-time shows. They offer a Free Trial, that I suggest to anyone who wants to learn more.

Hulu’s content comes from over 350 major entertainment companies and networks, including NBCUniversal, FOX, Lionsgate, MGM and more. The company acquires the rights to distribute this content, making it available legally to viewers.



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    10 thoughts on “What is Hulu?”

    1. I have to said that Hulu is one of the better media platforms out there. They offer the best and the movies aren’t grainy or choppy. I watch Hulu often on my laptop when the family has all three TV’s tied up playing games or watching sports.

    2. This is going to be worth it’s weight in gold! I just bought Roku and the pleasure of watching Hulu on something other than my lap top, desk top or the USB connection that runs my lap top to the TV, is outstanding!

      I am mainly using Hulu to watch a lot of old TV shows that I never got to watch as a kid because it was on past my bedtime (Ironside, for one). But I found shows like “Booth at the End” and “Misfits” (pre Roku), as well as Australian shows and a nice little Canadian show called “The Yard”.

      Truthfully, I could subscribe to this and nothing else and be satisfied.

    3. Hi Rick – your friend is right. Hulu comes with commercials no matter what. Really what Plus offers is compatibility with numerous streaming devices, and a bit more content. But on the flip side, there are several great shows that you cant access through a desktop streaming devices, and can only access via computer. So you can really argue the value of it both ways. For me Plus – is a plus – because i stream through PS3, and the user interface of the HULU PLUS app on the PS3 is very user friendly and enjoyable to use. Hope this helps!

    4. I found some issues with Crackle. It sometimes stops the show and recues it. I am not the only person who watches Crackle that has experienced this.

    5. A friend purchase Hulu Plus and says that even with Plus, they still air commercials. He thought that Hulu Plus eliminated the ads.

    6. I agree. And with the premium / plus you can load the app on your favorite video streaming device. I use on my PS3 and the experience simply awesome.

    7. I have been scouring for online media platforms that offer
      the best to its consumers. I have chanced upon your website via google search
      and the first thing I read is your post on Hulu premium. The comparative table
      you have posted regarding this service is very informative and you have
      graciously shared the gadgets that can access this service. Luckily, I have an
      iPhone and iPad and being always on the go, I think Hulu will work for me just fine. I will sign up now to see the quality of their service and will be back here again to let
      you know how it is going!

    8. For a busy person like me, Hulu Premium is a gift from
      heaven. I am not at home most of a day and would take even weeks at a time yet
      I never get to miss my favorite episodes of “The Office”. Steve Carrell is by
      far the best comedic actor that ever lived and missing this show that has made
      him a household name is a mortal sin for fans of comedy like me. For just $10 a
      month, I get to watch back episodes that I have missed when I get to have free
      time which is very rare so I make the most out of it. I highly recommend getting
      the premium version over the free one since the additional media they offer is
      simply the best!

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