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Cord Cutting Guide for Spanish TV

Hola cortadores de cable de compañeros, cómo estás? 

Whether you’re just looking for entertainment in your native tongue or if your someone learning the language looking to practice the art; it can be hard to find Spanish language television or film. Despite their premium pricing, cable companies are sorely lacking in Spanish langue content; and whatever they do have to offer can usually be found somewhere else.

Cable’s dearth of entertainment in español may have you thinking that your options would be even worse if you cut the cord; but thankfully that’s not the case. Not only do you have a wider variety of choice outside cable, but it also come at a cheaper price.

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Today I would like to share with how you can cut the cord and still get all the Spanish language television and film that you crave. Let’s get started!

Over-the-Air Channels

The easiest way to watch Television in Spanish is through using an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. For those of you that don’t know, an OTA antenna picks up the signals from all the major broadcast networks, like ABC or CBS. Most antennas are pretty cheap, ranging from $30 to $60. I would recommend a Mohu Leaf. They’re cheap, dependable, and do a great job picking up signals.

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For Spanish language programming, the two television networks you’ll be looking for is Univision and UnivisionTelemundo. They’ll have all the popular Spanish language shows you’re looking for; like Metastasis or La Gata.

Unless you live in a border state, unfortunately you will only get access to one of the two. Sadly, Telemundo and Univision are only accessible to about 50-60 percent of American homes so it won’t be uncommon to be missing one of those networks.

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But not to worry… there are other ways you to get access to Univision and Telemundo outside of using an Antenna.

Univision Online

Both official apps from Univision and Telemundo more or less functions exactly the same. You get wide Telemundoaccess to popular shows and specials on both apps. Both apps require a cable subscription to get next day on-demand content, but if you’re patient it usually shows up within a week after its original air date. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind waiting a week if it means I don’t have to get cable.

Sadly, there is no live streaming unless you have a cable subscription; and even then it’s only for special events like soccer matches or the Latin Grammys. Uvideos and Telemundo Now may not be your one stop for Spanish language content, but it’s a good place to start.

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Video Streaming Services

Ahhh our old friends, Netflix and Hulu. For Spanish language entertainment, each streaming service is strong where the other is weak.

Sling Latino

Sling LatinoFor anyone who is looking to watch Spanish Television online, and without a Cable Bill, Sling Latino cannot be beat. With Sling Latino you get around the same number of channels as the English version of Sling TV, but it is $8 cheaper. If you are interested in testing it out, use their 7 day free trial (no contracts).  If you still have questions, read our complete review here.

Spanish Movies on Netflix

For movies, Netflix is your go to source for Spanish films. Now, there are thousands and thousands of movies on Netflix so it can seem a bit daunting when looking for something specific, but thankfully Netflix allows you to search by genre. Here is a list of Spanish language films on Netflix. Also, here is a list of critically acclaimed Spanish language films on Netflix.

Hulu LatinoHulu Latino

For watching Television in Spanish, Hulu is your best bet. Hulu Latino offers all the hit shows from Univision and Telemundo. Best of all, Hulu puts it in one convenient location. Hulu has less ads than Telemundo Now and Uvideos, so for Spanish TV you might want to stick with Hulu.

Dish World

Dish World is a subsidiary company of Dish Network, but instead of satellite television they offer à la carte plans on foreign television networks. Dish World offers three different Spanish language network subscriptions for $10 each. The networks available are as followed: Antena 3, Nuestra Tele, Cbeebies.
If you’re looking to expand the amount of Spanish language content at your disposal, you’ll be hard pressed to do better.

DramaFeverDrama Fever

If you’re learning Spanish and looking to pick up a few extra words, this is a great place to go. DramaFever is website dedicated to providing foreign language television shows, designed to help those learning a second language. They don’t speak quite as fast as a native Spanish speaker would; which really helps you pick everything up. It’s free, helpful, and it doesn’t require a cable subscription. What’s not to love?

Cut the Cord and Get Even More Spanish Television

Cable Subscriptions often causes us to form a dependency on them for content. Most of us erroneously assume that without cable, we’ll never be able to get the content we want. This perception is amplified when you’re looking to watch television in Spanish since it’s already not that widely available to begin with.

As we’ve seen today not only is the cord cutting option cheaper than going with cable, but it is also far superior in selection. So what are you waiting for? Deje de pagar demasiado por la televisión por cable . Tome el salto , cortar el cordón , y matar a su factura de cable hoy!