Watch NFL Free

With an Indoor or Outdoor Antenna

Watch NFL Free - Over the AirYou can watch Sunday & Thursday Night NFL games over-the-air, for free, in HD, legally, on your TV, and it’s much easier than you think.

You’ve finally cut the cord and dumped the astronomical bills and fees that come with it. But NFL football season is here; that means having friends and family over to kick back, have fun and watch the big games on Thursday Night & Sunday. Chances are you don’t want to be left out when your favorite team is on the tube.

Right now, you’re asking yourself “how can I watch NFL free, in high-definition,  for free?” Well we have the answer, and it does not involve streaming from illegal sites like many will suggest.

Watching NFL Live Online is Illegal!

Online or Over-the-Air

Online streaming sites seem like the perfect cable alternative, but you might do yourself more harm than good. For starters, many of these streaming sites provide illegally obtained content. Merely watching this content can wind up putting you at risk of legal action or worse. Second, a streaming connection doesn’t just send audio and video through – it can also send viruses and malware that play havoc with your computer. In the end, the solution to enjoying a great season of fast-paced, hard-hitting NFL football is as simple as an Indoor or Outdoor Antenna.

Mohu-Sky-60-AngleLooking for an Outdoor Antenna? Make sure you check out the  Mohu Sky antenna with the ability to provide uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles.


Watch NFL Over the Air Free – 100% Legal

For less than $35 you can buy an Indoor Antenna that allows you to  watch NFL games for FREE in HD. By accessing what is called Over-the-Air (OTA) broadcasting with an Antenna you’ll gain access to NFL games on NBC, CBS and Fox.. Depending on your local station’s scheduling, you’ll see all of the season’s best games for free. It’s true you won’t get the 24/7 flood of sports info that cable channels like ESPN provide, but you will see your favorite NFL teams square off in beautiful HD clarity and color.

Over the Air HD Channels

To find out what channels are available in your area, go to: AntennaWeb. Use the step by step guide to see a list of channels available in your area. For more details there is a video overview below.

What Channels Can You Get?

 “If you are cutting the cable bill and streaming content…we have discovered probably the best thing you will ever plug into your HDTV. It’s the paper-thin HDTV antenna from Mohu.”  – HDTV Magazine

What Kind of Antenna Do I Buy?

Though there are a ton of antenna manufacturers out there, we here at KilltheCableBill prefer Mohu… and it is not even close. In side-by-side tests comparing against other major brands of indoorWatch NFL for Free antennas, the Leaf, Sky & Curve performed better than all others brands. Mohu Antennas are designed by highly skilled antenna engineers who have been building antennas for the US military for years. Because we believe in these products so much we have worked out an exclusive deal with Mohu. Get free shipping at

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60+ Million Americans are Enjoying Free HD TV OTA

Some people have done so because they hate the cable companies, others are just looking for ways to save Money. Whatever bucket you fall into, make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Just think about all the money you could save… and even better, what you could buy with those savings! A basic indoor or outdoor antenna can be just the thing that opens up a whole new world of free TV programming.

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15 thoughts on “Watch NFL Free”

  1. I was just looking into it. Trying to see if I could watch games without having to go somewhere or get the Sunday Ticket, but it doesn't sound like it. Thank you for the information though

  2. Hi Stacy – you are actually the second person who has asked me this, and its my fault because of the wording I used at the top of this article. The more accurate way of saying this is "You can watch Sunday & Thursday Night NFL games over-the-air, for free, in HD, legally, on your TV". An antenna will not give you access to whatever game you want, only the ones you would typically get with Cable TV. With this, I have edited the title of this post so it is not so misleading. Thanks for the great question. Do you currently use an Antenna? Or are you just looking into it?

  3. How can you watch all games for free? What if the game is not playing in your local area…..which is what I always run into

  4. Hi Mike – Have you tried using the "What Channels Can I Get?" Link on the top right side of this page? If so, and had no luck I suspect you live in a rural area. I am writing a post now on other potential options for NFL, so stay tuned and check back in a week or so.

  5. Thanks for your feedback. From my perspective Its like speeding. You can get away with it for a while, but sooner or later, you will get a ticket (virus). Additionally you get horrible video quality, and its illegal. We do not promote the use of illegal techniques to obtain copy written content.

  6. You people are being ridiculous. Please stop trying to scare people that don’t know any better.

    I cut the cord several years ago. Usually I just download sports torrents the next day. But I have watched hundreds of live sports feeds from frontrow and I’ve never had a virus,

    Now I use XBOX Media Center and I can stream any channel I want including all MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL.

  7. Absolutely Hafiz! Playoffs have been great so far. Though i wanted one of the rookie QB’s to make it past the first round. Looking forward to watching more NFL Playoffs for free in HD on my TV for FREE this weekend. You will be happy to hear that Mohu has just released an even more powerful Antenna. It has a built in amplifier in it, giving access to signals up to 50 miles away! Read more at: “Get Amped with the Mohu Leaf Ultimate”

  8. Hey Chris – sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say thank you for your endless support of KilltheCableBill! Think Schaub can do it? Looking forward to watching the playoffs again this weekend in HD for Free with my Mohu Leaf!

  9. It’s been 1 year since I cut the cord on my cable and got an indoor antenna. Right now I’ve got a GE traditional antenna with the rabbit ears. I haven’t upgraded to the Mohu Leaf yet, but I plan to.

    Still with my current antenna, I watched the NFL playoffs today. 2 great games, 2 more tomorrow all for free! I get more channels, 15 in total to pass my time.

    Who needs cable? I sure don’t. And I’ll put the yearly $700 subscription fees in my pocket.

  10. This is great information! I am doing this and it works like a charm. This past Sunday I caught the games on CBS, FOX & NBC all with the HD Antenna that I bought several years ago.
    (HD Football + LED TV) x FREE = awesome Sunday!!

  11. Thanks for the additional note Jessy. And I totally agree. Not only are sites like FirstRow Illegal, you can destroy your computers operating system by using harmful sites like this. Thanks for the comment!

  12. Saw your twitter post about watching NFL online being illegal. I use to use FirstRow and got a nasty virus. So not only is it illegal, it leaves you wide open for harmful spyware… Anyway, I bought a Leaf – used your promo code – and I am pumped. Watched Football on Sunday in HD with out issue. Thanks!

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