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How to Watch NHL Online

Watch NHL Live without Cable TV

Hockey Online and Over-the-Air

Have no fear Hockey Fans, you can still catch all the exciting nhl-gamecenteraction this season without having to pony up to those crooks at Comcast or Time Warner.

October marks the start of the 2014-2015 NHL season. Although I never played hockey growing up, my poor ice skating skills have certainly bred a sense of admiration for the sport. You never realize how much strength and athleticism goes into skating until try it yourself. While not as popular as American football or baseball, hockey is still a national sport that attracts millions of fans, and dollars, every year.

Since the NHL has a much smaller audience than some other sports, there is not very much information out there about how to watch hockey without paying hundreds of dollars every year to Big Cable. Luckily for you, we’re here to fill the void. Below I describe in detail, exactly how to watch NHL Over-the-Air and Online. It’s not entirely free, but it is far cheaper than paying for a pricey Cable TV subscription.

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